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Healthy Soup Recipes

We love making soups, chilis and stews because it’s an easy way to load up on nutrition. Our Healthy Soup Recipes are known for being heavy on the vegetables with less meat. Try our Instant Pot Chili Recipe (can also be made in a slow cooker) or our new Chicken and Rice Soup; a cleaned up version of the classic. Want a Vegetarian soup? Try this Easy Ramen Noodle Recipe or our Veggie Corn Chowder.

Our Best Healthy Soup Recipes

Be sure to add these top 4 Healthy Soup Recipes to your menu this month. Try adding one of our gluten free, dairy free dinner breads. Easy to make and enjoy with a bowl of healthy soup: Homemade Cornbread Muffins, Gluten Free Biscuits or try these Grain Free Biscuits

All Healthy Soup Recipes

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