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full fusion fitness workout system


The “Full Fitness Fusion” workout system fuses cardio and strength/toning into a time-efficient 30-minute solution. This workout is high intensity and will absolutely get you sweating, but it won’t stress your body or joints. Ivy filmed the video less than 9 months after having a major hip surgery (a derotational osteotomy) to correct a congenital hip disorder, so we promise the workout is easy on your joints! You will move quickly from one exercise to the next and burn fat while simultaneously keeping your heart rate elevated and sculpting lean strong muscles… and you won’t get bored, guaranteed!

Check out this video to learn more about our Full Fusion Fitness Workout

Full Fitness Fusion is the anti-inflammatory companion workout to our nutrition book, Clean Cuisine: An 8-Week Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Program to Change the Way You Age, Look & Feel.  We dedicate an entire chapter in the book to explaining the science behind Full Fitness Fusion. A full-body 30-minute high intensity, no-impact workout, this routine is designed to burn fat, boost metabolism and create strong, lean muscles in the shortest amount of time possible. 


full fitness fusion dvd

A full body, fully functional & fully transformational 30-minute workout.

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