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10 Minute Full Body Stretch Video



The 10 Minute Full Body Stretch Video featured below is the perfect routine to do after a workout. And by the way, did you know that the best and safest time to do any stretching routine is after you exercise?

The myth that stretching before a workout prevents injuries still prevails, so many fitness buffs continue to waste a lot of time stretching before they start exercising. Not only is a pre-workout stretch a waste of time, but performing a serious stretching routine before exercise when muscles are cold (and therefore less supple), can potentially leave your tendons more susceptible to injury. This doesn’t mean you should jump off the couch and launch right into a high intensity workout without preparing your body first though. The best way to prepare your body for exercise is with callisthenic-type exercises where you move your full body and gradually increase your heart rate while getting your body warm (that’s why pre-exercise preparation is generally called a “warm up”.)

Another big mistake people make with stretching is that they rush through their stretches and fail to devote the time it really takes to lengthen the muscles. To get the best results with a stretch routine you should hold each stretch for a good 45-seconds to one minute, in some instances even longer. The key to lengthening muscles groups is to keep the tension continuous, all the while slowly going deeper into the stretch, which can be accomplished by making subtle positional changes while holding the stretch.

Keep in mind that it takes time to elongate a muscle safely, so you never ever want to rush your stretches. Also, you should never stretch to the point of pain; you should feel tension while stretching, but never pain.

Give the full-body stretch routine in the video below a try. Just remember to breathe deeply so that your muscles will relax.


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 10 Minute Full-Body Stretch


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