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Fit Over 40: Upper Body Workout for Women (VIDEO)



I decided to launch my Fit Over 40 Workout video series with this video for an Upper Body Workout for Women. Technically, of course there is no reason men can’t also do it! However, this an upper body workout targeted more towards the fitness desires of women. By that I mean, it is a workout designed to tighten and tone rather than build big, bulky muscles.

Upper Body Workout For Women Training Tips

Equipment Needed:

  • Hand towel (for resistance)
  • Mat or towel

Upper Body Workout for Women

Dumbbells are Not the Only Way to Get Sculpted

This upper body exercise routine primarily uses a hand towel as an incredibly powerful (and portable!) training tool. I do this type of “towel resistance” workout a lot at home, but it’s also one I do in our hotel room when we travel.

“Towel Resistance” 101

Lifting weights is a proven way to build lean muscle and burn fat, but believe it or not you can actually accomplish the same thing using nothing more than a hand towel.

In fact, if you put 100% effort into doing the “towel resistance” exercises shown in the video with maximum intensity, you will probably find them to be more challenging than your standard upper body dumbbell routine. This is especially true if you typically use very light 3 to 5 pound dumbbells.

The Principle Behind “Towel Resistance”

The basic principal behind “towel resistance” is that you will be pulling and resisting against the towel. During ALL exercises that use the towel, you will pull the towel from opposing directions throughout the ENTIRE exercise. If you pull the towel using all of your strength it will be a VERY INTENSE workout. In fact, if your heart rate does not increase, then you are not pulling the towel hard enough.

If the concept of “towel resistance” seems confusing, it will make a lot more sense once you watch the video and try the exercises 😉

On Staying Fit Over 40…

Let’s face it: Staying fit over 40 is no piece of cake.

Most women over the age of 40 have incredibly stressful lives, but to top if off we also have to deal with the reality that our bodies are changing. Regardless of how fit or healthy you may be, your hormones are definitely changing after you hit 40. Levels of the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone begin to fluctuate, which can lead to a number of bothersome symptoms. 

But this decade is not the decade to sit on the couch. It is critical to make healthy lifestyle choices throughout your life, but it is especially important over the age of 40. Not only should you make clean eating a priority, but you should also be incorporating resistance exercise. Resistance exercise (such as the “towel resistance” in the workout video) is super important for keeping muscles and metabolism healthy.

And finally, keep in mind, you do NOT need to start running marathons to stay in shape after the age of 40. You just need to find doable workouts that are somewhat intense and you need to be consistent with doing them.

I so hope you find this video helpful in reaching your fitness goals!






Stay Tuned for More “Fit Over 40” Workout Videos!

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