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A Natural Beauty Glow: 6 Things You Need to Know!

Natural Beauty – Radiantly healthy, glowing skin is the ultimate outward sign of natural beauty. I think it is pretty safe to say that on some level everyone would like to have beautiful skin.

First, I am going to share with you 6 things that you need to know about natural beauty. Then, I want to share our favorite non-toxic natural beauty selections from the purest, all-natural, cruelty-free skin care products in the world.

natural beauty


This article about natural beauty is detailed to provide helpful tips, an understanding of how skin rejuvenates and a long list of all natural 100% Pure products that are easy to access online. Here is a quick table of contents:

Let’s dive into natural beauty and ways we can help our skin to slow the aging process and rejuvenate!

Is There Truly Hope in a Bottle?

We see an overwhelming number of ads these days for all sorts of skincare products. Plus, an assortment of dermatologist and esthetician-administered advanced skincare “treatments”. But is it really necessary to spend thousands of dollars to have beautiful skin? And can you in fact actually achieve measurable natural beauty results from inside a bottle?

Sadly, just like the packaged and processed food world, so many of the ingredients in skincare products are practically unpronounceable.

  • How can you even tell which ingredients will really work?
  • How do you even know if they are safe!?

In order to answer these questions it is important to understand first and foremost that beautiful skin stems from healthy skin cells. Which, if you’re familiar with Clean Cuisine and how we promote a whole health approach to living – then you know it’s about the entire body!

MOST IMPORTANT HEALTH TIP: The absolute very best natural beauty tip on the planet boils down simply to this: treat your WHOLE body healthfully.

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6 Things You Need to Know About Natural Beauty

Before I share our absolute favorite healthy natural beauty options with you — here are 6 things to consider first. They will help you establish a new routine to help support the natural beauty you are wanting to attain.

#1: Good Skin Often = Good Health

I think our desires for good skin might have something to do with the fact that radiant skin is so intimately associated with good health.

Believe it or not, there have actually been studies done showing that across cultures, both men and women are naturally “programmed” to be more attracted to people who look healthy.  In other words, I think subconsciously we know beautiful skin is a key indicator of good health. And, we all want good health for ourselves… and for our mates.

How do you Get Good Skin?

So, if good skin is something to aspire to, then how exactly do you go about attaining natural beauty and gorgeous skin?

Genetics DO play a key role, but I can tell you that after about the age of twenty or so, the health and appearance of your skin has much more to do with your lifestyle than genetics. Having radiant skin at thirty, forty or seventy years old IS possible, but it doesn’t happen by accident.

#2: Can Your Skin Rejuvenate and Regenerate?

What if you have less-than-luminous skin and you are fifty years old, is it hopeless to even try to improve your skin?

No! Regardless of your age, there is still hope for your skin. That’s because your skin, just like every other part of your body, does rejuvenate and regenerate.  Flooding your body on both the inside and outside with key nutrients—including antioxidants and phytonutrients—can help your skin rejuvenate by providing your body with the raw materials it needs to repair and turnover damaged cells. Once you switch up what you put on the inside and outside of your body, your new cells will then come in healthier and more beautiful! This makes natural beauty absolutely attainable by anyone.

natural beauty

NATURAL BEAUTY: Instead of heavy dyes using FD&C colorants and heavy metal dyes, try fruit pigmented makeup! 100% Pure’s Makeup is colored using fruit, vegetables, tea, and cocoa! True food for the skin.

#3: Laying the Natural Beauty Foundation

For starters, eating clean and adopting an anti-inflammatory diet will undoubtedly go the absolute longest way to improving the health and appearance of your skin. You can do that by making healthy anti-inflammatory recipes.

#4: Less is More — Yes, This is Absolutely True

When thinking about natural beauty it is not about operating a mini CVS from your bathroom cabinet. Know the basics of skincare (you can read an interview I did with Chase on the basics of skincare HERE) and then stick to just a few natural beauty products. Over the years, we have tried many natural beauty products — or at least companies that claim to have natural beauty. But stay tuned and we’ll share our absolute favorites.

#5: Quality Trumps Quantity, Especially When Selecting Clean Natural Beauty

Just as there are “SuperFoods” you can eat (such as acai, maca, chlorella, etc.) the same goes for skincare. Certain “SuperSkin” savers (such as vitamin C ester and CoQ10) do wonders for your skin. And I mean wonders. The “SuperSkin” savers are not necessarily super cheap, but just like with “SuperFoods”, a little packs a powerful punch!

#6: Your Skin is Like a Sponge

When trying to achieve beautiful skin, it is also essential to know that your skin is the largest organ of your body. And it is porous. This means that just like a sponge, your skin absorbs whatever it is you put on it. This can be either good or bad—depending of course on what it is you decide to slather on! Unfortunately some “beauty” products are downright toxic.

But then there are others that are well-documented as being powerful skin-healers and skin-cell rejuvenates.

For the healthiest and most beautiful skin you absolutely must know how to distinguish between the toxic products and the beneficial natural beauty ones. One thing is for sure, achieving natural beauty is not going to be accomplished by slathering toxins all over your face (or injecting them, for that matter!)

natural beauty

Fruit Pigmented Natural Beauty

For the past few years, we have been switching out our beauty products for 100% Pure Natural Beauty and Skincare Products.

100% Pure offers all natural products you can love and trust. They define natural as: “An ingredient or formula composed of plant, mineral, and/or marine vegetation that undergoes chemical changes due to biological processes such as fermentation, distillation, and cold processing.”

This is absolutely in line with non-toxic living and clean eating. Something that we strive for daily in our own lives and to share with you.

It’s comforting to know that what we put on our skin, that soaks in everything we put on it, is made from 100% natural beauty, healthy and plant-derived products.

Keep reading to learn about our absolute favorite products from 100% Pure.

natural beauty

FOUNDATION TIP: Foundation, the base of your makeup is incredibly important to keep clean. Look for foundation that is fruit pigmented, and includes ingredients you recognize and understand. 100% Pure offers numerous non-comedogenic and healthy foundations that will keep your skin happy!

Our Favorite Natural Beauty Selections — 100% Pure

100% Pure is a natural beauty brand that we have loved and trusted for years now. They are all about providing education on the importance of clean beauty, as well as offering easily accessible, affordable, and high-quality products!

As a brand, 100% Pure stands out to us because of their unique transparency, and the simple ingredients they use in their products. While many toxin-free makeup brands may offer clean products, many of the ingredients are still difficult to interpret, and unrecognizable to the average person without extensive research.

100% Pure uses simple ingredients from nature that we know, and feel comfortable putting on our bodies!

Throughout the years, we’ve slowly transitioned nearly all of our makeup over to 100% Pure, so that we can feel confident with what we’re putting on our skin.

Here are our favorite natural beauty selections from 100% Pure.

madison suttles

Madison’s Natural Beauty Routine:

  • Skin Type: Dry Skin
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Concern: Acne Prone
  • Oily, Dry, or Combination: Dry

Natural Beauty Skincare and Cleansers from 100% Pure

From hydrating cleaners to anti-aging vitamins and minerals to help boost the rejuvenation of your skin, these skincare products and cleansers are my top picks.

Cucumber Cloud Foam Cleanser

Deeply hydrating foam cleanser replenishes thirsty skin cells with cucumber juice, aloe, and rose hydrosol, while calming dry skin with calendula and chamomile.

Organic Rosehip Oil

Richly moisturizing organic rosehip seed oil targets dryness, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Cold-pressed for maximum potency. Can be used for skin and hair.

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

De-puffs, boosts circulation, and brightens dark circles with caffeine from coffee and green tea. Anti-aging vitamins and rosehip promote a youthful eye area.

Madison’s Go-To Fair Skin Face Makeup

For fair skin types, these are my favorite natural beauty selections. However, 100% Pure offers so many skin color options that you’re definitely going to find your match.

Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Water Foundation

Fruit pigmented foundation plumps and hydrates skin with soothing aloe and toning green tea. Offers flawless full coverage with a satin, lightly dewy finish.

Fruit Pigmented Second Skin Concealer

Creamy, lightweight concealer colored from fruit and made with hydrating olive squalane. Blendable and buildable for medium-full coverage with a satin finish.

A Natural Beauty Glow: 6 Things You Need to Know

Bamboo Blur Powder

Translucent to tinted setting powders made with mattifying bamboo silica to absorb excess oil, stamp out shine, and refract light for a soft, poreless finish..

Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer

Warm your complexion using vitamin-rich fruit and cocoa pigments, laced with luminescent gems and minerals for subtle shimmer and a sun-kissed glow.

Fruit Pigmented Blush

Versatile range of blush makeup made from finely pressed rice powder and antioxidant-rich fruit pigments to give cheeks a healthy, natural flush of color.

Fruit Pigmented Gemmed Luminizer

Stunning powder highlighters colored by fruit pigments and laced with light-reflecting gemstones like opal, pyrite, and moonstone to illuminate your skin.

Eyes + Eyebrows with Fruit Pigmented and Natural Ingredients

Just like your skin, your eyes are going to soak up anything you put near them. Using 100% Pure truly makes a difference in avoiding chemicals so close to our eyes.

Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

Lightweight eyebrow gel defines and sculpts for a full, more polished look. Green tea leaf fibers add volume, while Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E strengthen.

Fruit Pigmented Rose Gold Palette

A rose gold treasure trove of warm metallics and stunning shimmer. Deluxe fruit pigmented® palette includes a highlighter, blush, and 3 eye shadows.

Long Last Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid liner richly pigmented from micronized black tea leaves for deep, dramatic color. Long-lasting, smudge-proof, and water-resistant for all day wear.

Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara

This dark mascara lengthens and separates lashes without clumping, smudging, or flaking. It also coats each lash with conditioners and natural pigment from black tea, berries, and cocoa.

Natural Beauty Lips Begins with Fruit Pigmented Lipstick

With over 20 colors to choose from, this Fruit Pigmented Cocao Butter Matte Lipstick in my go-to. It’s so easy to find a color that suits your style.

Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick

Matte lipsticks formulated with vibrant, long-lasting color from real fruit, and a nourishing blend of cocoa and shea butters to moisturize and soften lips.

Aimee’s Natural Beauty Routine

My skincare routine comes from a long line of women that relied on healthy skin, minimal makeup and lots of Oil of Olay; the pink face moisturizer. I would like to believe that the old formula was good for my skin because the aging process has slowed as I’ve gotten older.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and my skin became more sensitive, spotty and difficult to manage. I eventually learned about removing toxins from my kitchen, household cleaners and beauty products and have not gone back.

Switching to non-toxic 100% Pure natural beauty products was the best move because I can know with confidence that wearing some natural beauty makeup and supporting my skin with anti-aging.

aimee harris niedosik

Aimee’s Skin Type and Preferences:

I have always gone with a natural beauty look – so finding a few high quality, non-toxic essential beauty products is very important. Here’s a bit about my skin:

  • Skin Type: Normal
  • Complexion: Medium
  • Concern: Anti-aging
  • Oily, Dry, or Combination: Combination

Anti-Aging Skincare That Works

Being gentle with our skin and using high quality products has helped to reduce the aging process dramatically. Plus, I do eat a 95% clean eating diet which keeps my organs from aging quickly and my skin stays supple and healthy. Here’s the handful of anti-aging 100% Pure products that I love.

Acai Pulp Facial Scrub

Super fruit infused facial scrub smooths away bumps, flakes, and dead skin while instilling vitamins and antioxidants for a super soft, glowing complexion.

Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants PM Eye Treatment

Richly moisturizing, vitamin concentrated eye treatment lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles and increases firmness, elasticity, and brightens the eye area.

Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm

Nourishing PM balm enhances firmness, tone, and elasticity while you sleep. Made with vegan retinol, avocado butter, and plant oils to moisturize and restore.

Full Luscious Eyelashes Using 2 Simple Items from 100% Pure

Dump your drug store mascara and swap it for this duo from 100% Pure. Plus, the mascara has a heavenly cacao powder smell that is going to make you happy every time you swipe it on your eyelashes!

Eyelash Curler

Enhance lash length and double the impact of mascara with a stainless steel eyelash curler! Features a protective rubber guard and beautiful rose gold design.

Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara

This dark mascara lengthens and separates lashes without clumping, smudging, or flaking. It also coats each lash with conditioners and natural pigment from black tea, berries, and cocoa.

Get a 100% Pure Discount – Save 20% With Our Code

Thanks to an incredible partnership with 100% Pure, we have been gifted an awesome discount code to pass to you. Use code SISTERS20 with your first order to save an additional 20%. Already reasonably priced, you are definitely going to be able to stock up with this huge savings.

Aimee Niedosik

Aimee loves to craft delicious, nutrient-dense recipes to share with her family and friends. While in remission from autoimmune diseases and underlying viruses, she still maintains an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging diet. Aimee is a Christian, website designer, autoimmune community leader and lives in North Carolina with her husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

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