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6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation – Food is powerful, and has the opportunity to either help us heal, or harm us. Anti-inflammatory foods are foods studied to reduce inflammation in the body when consumed. These foods are unprocessed, and are in their whole, natural form. This assures that we are reaping all the benefits they offer.

Intentionally adding in anti-inflammatory foods as done wonders for my health! Because of this, I knew I had to share. Here are my top 6 foods to reduce inflammation that I enjoy on a regular basis…

6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

When dealing with chronic inflammation (such as with an autoimmune disease), every bite matters.

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, my whole perspective on food changed. I began treating my food as medicine, and using food to aid in targeted healing throughout my body.

Since chronic inflammation accompanies autoimmune diseases, for me, this meant adding in every anti-inflammatory food I could find to my weekly rotation.

Inflammatory foods, sadly, can be largely summarized in the definition of a typical American diet. Refined sugar, processed foods, alcohol, cheap meat, and so on are all incredibly inflammatory for our bodies. In fact, refined carbs and processed meats are among the most inflammatory foods! They are huge contributors to the health crisis in our culture, and are often falsely advertised as nutritious.

6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory foods are not always “low-calorie”, “low-fat”, or “sugar-free” foods like many may believe. Instead, anti-inflammatory foods are normally whole foods, found in nature, and filled with antioxidants!

Here is my list of my top 6 foods that reduce inflammation that I enjoy in my diet on a regular basis…

6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

#1: Berries

Berries of all types contain antioxidants called anthocyanins, which give them their anti-inflammatory component. On a side note: anthocyanins are also the antioxidant responsible for blue/purple fruit’s vibrant colors!

Berries have been studied to increase the bodies production of natural killer cells (the cells which help regulate your immune system), and minimize the chances of developing diseases.

Berry Recipes:

  • Blackberry Smoothie Recipe: This hidden cauliflower Blackberry Smoothie Recipe is creamy and delicious. I may be making more cauliflower smoothies!
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Bars: These Blueberry Cheesecake Bars are incredible. They’re so incredible, that I have made this recipe upwards of 20 times. Stored in the freezer, these Cheesecake Bars are still creamy, delicious, and oh-so-sweet!
  • The BEST Strawberry Shortcake: This Strawberry Shortcake is clean, delicious, and easy to make. So just what makes a Strawberry Shortcake Dessert clean? No dairy, no wheat, no refined sugar.
6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

#2: Ginger

Ginger contains a powerful substance called gingerol, which has historically been used for it’s medicinal properties to reduce inflammation, ease nausea, aid in digestion, boost the immune system, and much more.

It also serves as a motility agent (helping to move things through our intestines), and is often part of treatment for SIBO.

This spicy root is a very versatile root, and can be used in both drinks, and food!

Ginger Recipes:

  • Ginger Lemon Honey Tea: With only 4 simple ingredients, and 5 minutes of your time, you can be enjoying this Recipe for Ginger Lemon Tea in no time!
  • Healthy Ginger Snaps with Pumpkin Dip: No guilt Ginger Snaps with Pumpkin Dip because they are made with all the flavor and no processed ingredients. Gluten Free and Vegan.
  • Turmeric Ginger Shot: This Turmeric Shot with Ginger is a super powerful 100% natural anti-inflammatory cocktail with anti-aging and antioxidant benefits too.
6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

#3: Turmeric

Turmeric is another root that has long been used for it’s medicinal properties. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory for it’s high content of curcumin.

When combined with piperine (a compound found in black pepper), curcumin has been studied to drastically increase in bioavailability, therefore, the two are often found together in supplements.

Turmeric has been shown to decrease inflammation in the body due to many diseases when taken optimally. It also offers numerous health benefits beyond this.

Turmeric Recipes:

  • Golden Milk Recipe: This Golden Milk Recipe is an amazing way to reduce inflammation, and give you a big burst of energy!
  • Golden Milk Ice Cream: Craving a sweet treat? This creamy Golden Milk Ice Cream is dairy-free, and so satisfying for that sweet tooth! Treat yourself and reduce inflammation at the same time!
  • Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe with Turmeric and Vegetables: This Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe with Turmeric and Vegetables is a set-it-and-forget-it tasty that yields incredibly moist chicken. 
6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

#4: Avocado

Avocados are high in monounsaturated fats (the good fats), as well as magnesium, potassium, fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, and manganese! Wow!

Because of all of these nutrients and high levels of healthy fat, avocados help to decrease inflammation, increase energy, aid in brain development, and so much more. Eat your avocados!

Avocado Recipes:

  • Avocado Chocolate Pudding: This dairy free and sugar free CLEAN Avocado Chocolate Pudding recipe gets its sweetener from bananas, dates and stevia.
  • Crispy Baked Avocado Fries: These Avocado Fries are breaded with almond flour and shredded coconut, and baked in the oven! No deep frying needed.
  • Stuffed Avocados with Cilantro Cream Sauce: If you’ve never had stuffed avocados, run to this recipe now! Filled with healthy fats and tons of nutrients, these Stuffed Avocados will be the star of the night!
6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

#5: Cherries

Cherries contain high levels of antioxidants such as anthocyanins and catechins, which both help to decrease inflammation.

Their high levels of polyphenols are present in both tart, and sweet cherries. They have even been studied to reduce soreness after exercise due to helping lessen the oxidative damage after a workout.

Cherry Recipes:

  • Homemade Gummy Bear Recipe: With only three easy ingredients, you can make a totally clean and healthy Gummy Bear Recipe everyone can enjoy! Using cherry juice is one of my favorite ways to enjoy this clean snack!
  • Beet Smoothie: This Beet Smoothie tastes like a rich slice of red velvet cake in a cup! Except this smoothie is just as healthy as it is delicious! There’s also a cup of whole frozen cherries in this recipe for extra color, flavor, and health benefits!
  • Cherry Pie (grain-free): Never give up your favorite foods for clean eating…especially when it comes to cherry pie! Grain-free, simple, and delicious, this Cherry Pie is a recipe you’ll want to keep on hand.
6 Foods to Reduce Inflammation

#6: Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contain the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids: DHA and EPA. When your body metabolizes fatty acids, they are compounded into resolvins and protectins, which are both highly anti-inflammatory.

It has been studied that those consuming DHA and EPA in supplemental form have experienced reductions in CRP (C-reactive protein) levels, and have reaped many benefits from incorporating these into their regular diets.

Fatty Fish Recipes:

  • Slow Cooked Salmon with Citrus: This slow cooked salmon with citrus happens to take less than 10 minutes of “hands on” time, which makes it a perfect weekday winner in my book!
  • Tuna Salad: This Tuna Salad is quick, easy, and uses only the cleanest ingredients!
  • Green Goddess Dip: This Green Goddess Dip is thick, creamy, and absolutely delicious with raw veggies! It’s also paleo and totally clean!

I hope this article helped encourage you in just how drastic of a difference food can have on our health. Incorporating these foods into a regular part of your diet will offer so many health benefits, and give variety to a clean eating lifestyle.

Be sure to check out some more of our recipes to find new ways to use these anti-inflammatory ingredients!

Madison Suttles

Madison is passionate about health, fitness, and Jesus. She has lived with autoimmune symptoms nearly her entire life, but was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2016. She shares her experience with Crohn's and living on a modified Specific Carbohydrate Diet as a resource to others on their health journeys.

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Saturday 20th of February 2021

Thank you for sharing these recipes - I loved the turmeric ones and look forward to adding them to our menu.

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