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Chia Pumpkin Pudding

Chia Pumpkin Pudding – Creamy and delicious, this easy to make chia pumpkin pudding is perfect for fall. But, we make it year-round because it’s so tasty and we’re diehard pumpkin fans around here.

You can easily make this recipe in less than 10 minutes with any kind of nut milk. I have used both coconut milk and almond milk and both work perfectly.

How to Make Chia Pumpkin Pudding

Chia Seed Pudding has become quite popular in the past few years, but so often you find a recipe using cow’s milk; which we don’t use here at Clean Cuisine. So, when I first decided to make Chia Seed Pudding with nut-based milk, I was delightfully surprised to find how incredible it tasted. Smooth, creamy, pudding-like texture and loaded with healthy nutrients.

So, if you love chia seed pudding, but looking for a dairy free, nut milk-based, use any of our recipes for the right balance.

chia pumpkin pudding

How to Make Delicious and Creamy Chia Pumpkin Pudding:

You only need a handful of ingredients to make this Chia Pumpkin Pudding and about 10 minutes in the kitchen. You can definitely double or triple the batch if you eat creamy chia pudding every morning. It lasts for about 5 days in the fridge.

All you will need for this recipe is:

Lastly, we top ours with fresh, homemade Whipped Coconut Cream and a dash of pumpkin pie spice. You can find our homemade and VERY easy to make pumpkin pie spice recipe here.

Not familiar with chia seeds… keep reading and I’ll teach you all about them!

chia pumpkin pudding

What Are Chia Seeds?

First, let’s chat about what are chia seeds and then we’ll dive into if chia seeds are healthy. Which, of course they are if we are sharing this amazing Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk recipe.

Chia seeds are small little seeds that comes from the Salvia hispanica plant. They are typically black or white, with no significant nutritional differences between the two colors. But note, brown seeds are not fully mature and should not be used.

Chia seeds were originally grown in the deserts of Mexico and Guatemala. But now, chia seeds are grown in various parts of the United States, South America and Australia. Not surprisingly with all of these chia seed pudding recipes passing around, the United States is the is the largest chia seed consumer, importing around 15,000 tons per year.

Historically, natives have using chia seeds hundreds of years. They were and still are primarily used for medicinal, religious, and for cooking.

chia pumpkin pudding

Get Your Daily Dose of Chia Seeds

Without a double, chia seeds are small but mighty. Here are three things you should know about chia seeds and why this Chia Pumpkin Pudding should become a daily item in your menu.

#1: Chia Seeds are an Excellent Source of Fiber

Chia seeds are an insoluble fiber, which is an important nutrient for your digestion because it cleans out your digestive track. You can reduce digestive diseases and certain types of cancer by consuming enough fiber.

#2: Reduce Inflammation with this Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk

Chia seeds can absolutely help reduce inflammation. The fiber from the chia seeds is an important nutrient for your gut bacteria. Which in turn reduces inflammation throughout your body.

Chia seeds naturally have an ALA affect which helps to reduce chronic inflammation. While simultaneously promoting a healthier immune system to ward of autoimmune diseases, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

#3: Chia Seeds Can Stabilize Blood Sugars

For those of us that don’t consume enough fiber and have issues with insulin resistance, consuming chia seeds are going to be extremely beneficial. In addition, the fiber can help promote fullness after a meal and provide satisfaction too.

chia pumpkin pudding

Our Favorite Recipes with Chia Seeds

If you enjoyed this Chia Pumpkin Pudding, we do have a few other easy chia pudding recipes plus a delicious chia smoothie.

  • Strawberry Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk – A delicious and satisfying breakfast or easily as dessert, make this Strawberry Compote Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk.
  • Blueberry Muffin Chia Pudding with Almond Milk – Chia seeds, wild blueberry compote and a little vanilla and cinnamon makes this chia pudding with almond milk taste like a blueberry muffin. But, without the baking or cleanup!
  • Chocolate Chia Seed Smoothie – This delicious Chia Seed Smoothie is perfect for the holidays. Plus, we add a big of clean chocolate and mint (optional) to bring out the holiday spirit.

Chia Pumpkin Pudding

chia pumpkin pudding
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  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
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For thicker Chia Pumpkin Pudding, add in an additional 1/4 cup of chia seeds.

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Aimee loves to craft delicious, nutrient-dense recipes to share with her family and friends. While in remission from autoimmune diseases and underlying viruses, she still maintains an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging diet. Aimee is a Christian, website designer, autoimmune community leader and lives in North Carolina with her husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

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Monday 31st of October 2022

Absolutely DELICIOUS!!! The perfect flavors and texture. This will be added to my year-round rotation. 10/10!

Aimee Niedosik

Monday 31st of October 2022

Thank you Kristian -- this is music to my ears!!! xoxo, Aimee

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