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Vegan Black Bean Burger Recipe

Vegan Black Bean Burger recipes are for everyone. Especially when they are homemade and full of delicious and satisfying flavors.

Meat Free Mondays – Worth the Effort!

In our house we do “Meat Free Mondays” in an effort to eat less meat and more plant-based “whole” foods. But whether you routinely eat meat or strictly avoid it, I promise this vegan black bean burger recipe will win you over. At the very least on Mondays (wink).

Going meatless on Monday is not something we were clever enough to come up with ourselves. There is actually a national movement to help motivate you ( Plus, a former Beatle backing it up and a prestigious university (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) associated with it.

We love the whole concept of meatless Monday because it doesn’t advocate being an extremist. You don’t need to be a vegan, but instead you can become a “less-meat-etarian”, or a “flexitarian”. This is very doable for everyone. Anybody can go meatless for one day a week.

And this Vegan Black Bean Burger recipe is just the thing to try it out.

Switching an All-Beef Patty for a Vegan Black Bean Burger recipe

The very first time I decided to implement meatless Monday dinners a few years back I made vegan black bean burger recipe. Creating a burger somehow seemed less intimidating than trying my hand with tofu.

And no, this is not the first black bean burger I ever attempted — that one wasn’t so good. But since, I have made this plenty of times and it’s now a family favorite.

Since then, I have inspired my girlfriends to adopt “Meat Free Mondays” in their house too. But to be 100% honest a lot of their husbands are not too keen on the idea. I know most men love meat, I get it! However, these vegan black bean burgers really do step up to the plate and fill the steak void because they are incredibly filling and satisfying.

Meat Free Monday Black Bean Burger Recipe

Add Sautéed Veggies, Lime-Soaked Chia Seeds & Walnut Crumbs…

Over the years I have fiddled around with so many different bean burger recipes and I’m not going to stretch the truth, not very many would win a cook-off contest!

But this one is different.

I’ve mixed in sautéed veggies, lime-soaked chia seeds, walnut crumbs and toasted sprouted whole grain bread for the absolute best black bean burger recipe ever—the texture and taste is amazing.

Serving a killer meaty vegan black bean burger recipe like this is guaranteed to keep everyone at the table from asking, “Where’s the Beef?”

Don’t Forget the Ketchup, Mustard & Mayo!

Normally, I would not suggest dousing anything in ketchup or mayo (mustard would be just fine though!) Even though I love the stuff, ketchup and mayo don’t normally fall under what I would consider the “Clean Cuisine” category. But because I love classic condiments so much—especially with my burgers—I decided to give a big makeover to the following favorite four:

Suggested Toppings & Sides:

  • Avocado slices
  • Organic grass-fed cheddar cheese (delicious melted on top!)
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Grilled corn on the cob
  • Carrot slaw

The Best Black Bean Burger Recipe for Meatless Monday (or Any Day!)


Vegan Black Bean Burger Recipe

Vegan Black Bean Burger recipe is the best I have ever tasted. It is made with sautéed vegetables, lime-soaked chia and walnut crumbs.

vegan black bean burger recipe
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  • Yield: 6 1x



  1. Soak the chia seeds in the lime juice for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Place the walnuts in a food processor and process into fine crumbs. Set walnuts aside. Place the toasted bread in the food processor and process into find crumbs. Set bread crumbs aside.
  3. Place the garlic and shallots in a food processor and pulse to finely chop (be careful not to over process.) Remove the garlic and shallots from the food processor. Place the carrots in the food processor and pulse to finely chop (again, be careful not to over process.) Remove the carrots.
  4. Heat the oil in a large heavy skillet over medium-heat; add the shallots and sauté for 3 or 4 minutes. Add the carrots and sauté for 3 or 4 minutes, or until the shallots and carrots are both tender. Transfer the shallots and carrots to a large mixing bowl.
  5. Add the beans to the bowl with the sautéed vegetables. Use a potato masher to mash the beans in with the vegetables (you can also use your clean hands to make the job a little easier.) Add in the lime-soaked chia seeds, walnut crumbs, bread crumbs, salt and cumin. Use your clean hands to mix the ingredients together. Form six ½-cup patties with your hands.
  6. Lightly rub the “dirty” skillet with oil and heat the skillet over medium heat. Working in batches, fry the patties 3-4 minutes per side. Transfer to a paper towel or place in a 200 degree oven to keep warm. Serve warm.

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