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10 New Products to Add to Your Grocery List

Today we are sharing 10 new products to add to your grocery list. We try out a LOT of new grocery items every month as we create new clean eating and healthy recipes. This means that we naturally have a lot of new products on our pantry and fridge shelves.

So, we’re starting a new series where we share our 10 top new products every few months.

10 New Products to Add to Your Grocery List

Where to Buy the Specialty Foods on the Clean Eating Grocery List

You probably cannot pick these specialty foods up at your local grocery store. If you are lucky enough to live close to a Whole Foods Market or a well-stocked natural foods store, then you can find these product there.

Given the world today, we do a good deal of online grocery shopping at places like Vitacost and Thrive Market. And of course Amazon is also one of my favorite shopping destinations for just about everything.


If you are looking for more wonderful new grocery items, check out the list we did a few months ago by clicking here.

10 new products for your clean grocery list

10 New Products to Add to Your Grocery List

Here is our list of 10 new products to add to your grocery list this week. If you have other clean grocery items that you would like to us to consider for a future post, leave a comment below to tell us your favorite.

date lady date sugar

#1: Date Lady Date Sugar

Date sugar is simply dehydrated dates, ground into granules to create a nutrient-dense, natural sweetener! This date sugar is the the perfect low glycemic, healthy one-for-one swap for any granulated sugar, and is a must-have if you love baking.

vita proteins beef gelatin

#2: High Quality Beef Gelatin

Gelatin is incredibly versatile, serving as a great alternative for artificial thickeners, or added into pies, or homemade candy to achieve a gel-like texture. It’s also great for your joints, bones, skin, hair, nails, and gut! Once you start buying gelatin, you’ll be using it in everything!

aroy-d coconut cream

#3: Coconut Cream

Coconut cream is another ingredient I use all the time. From coconut yogurt, to healthy caramel recipes, to desserts, smoothies, and soups, coconut cream has quickly become one ingredient I rely on for the creamy texture in so many recipes. Aroy-D is my favorite brand, because it’s incredibly thick, yet doesn’t include any additives.

#4: Dried Cranberries

Most craisins include loads of added sugar, and aren’t exactly the healthiest thing to add to your salads. However, there are a few select brands that have come out with dried cranberries sweetened only with unsweetened apple juice, and they taste just like the real thing, without the refined sugar!

These dried cranberries make a great addition to any salad, tuna, or dessert!

#5: Cashew Flour

I’ve never liked almond flour. The flavor was just too distinct for me, alongside the fact that it just never settled well with my stomach. Recently, cashew flour has been appearing in stores, and I knew I had to buy some, and experiment with it! And I’m so glad I did!

Cashew flour measures almost one-for-one to almond flour (cashews are a bit more moist, so you may have to add, or take away a tbsp or so depending on the recipe), and have an amazing, neutral, creamy flavor! If you’re looking for a non-nutty tasting nut flour, you’ve got to try cashew flour!

#6: Vegetable-based Pasta

Pasta manufacturers have made a tremendous effort to diversify pasta and our pasta-loving (albeit gluten-free family) is enjoying all the new trendy pasta.

Cybele’s has become a favorite. Using green lentils, red lentils and a variety of vegetables, this brand is clean, healthy, nutritious and wholesome. You can find it for about $3.50-$4.00/box and worth every penny.

#7: Hu Chocolate Gems

Hu Chocolate Gems have been my new go-to for making cookies AND for giving the kids a few with a snack cup of nuts. These gems are made with 3 ingredients: organic cacao, unrefined organic coconut sugar and organic cocoa butter. Yes, that’s it!!

We are so excited that Hu Chocolate Gems are clean, easy to get delivered to your door and delicious in our clean recipes.

#8 Creamy Organic Peanut Butter

Here at Clean Cuisine we love peanut butter… so we have a lot of peanut butter recipes. In our recipes, we always suggest that you find peanut butter made only with peanuts. Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a peanut butter jar? Some manufacturers add oils, sugars and other ingredients. Trust us, it’s not necessary.

Only using pure, organic peanuts makes the best peanut butter. This is our favorite brand of peanut butter for creamy or crunchy!

wymans wild blueberries

#9 Wyman’s Wild Blueberries

Small but mighty, wild blueberries have more total antioxidant capacity (ORAC) than almost all of the typical fruits and vegetables you see at the grocery store and they have a considerably higher ORAC value than their bigger cousins, cultivated blueberries. The higher the ORAC value of a food the more powerful that food is at slowing the aging process, fighting disease, reducing inflammation and preserving health.

Want to find Wyman’s near you? Check out their store locator to easily find your favorite Wyman’s products.

#10: Clean Mayo

If you just don’t have the time to make egg free mayonnaise then your best bet for the cleanest store-bought brand that I have yet to see is the Avocado Oil Mayonnaise by Primal Kitchen. I actually only recently discovered Primal Kitchen brand, before this I always just told people to avoid store-bought mayonnaise.

Aimee Niedosik

Aimee loves to craft delicious, nutrient-dense recipes to share with her family and friends. While in remission from autoimmune diseases and underlying viruses, she still maintains an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging diet. Aimee is a Christian, website designer, autoimmune community leader and lives in North Carolina with her husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

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