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Cardio and Leg Toning Hula Hoop Exercise with Hoopnotica Hoops

Hula Hoop Fitness Workout

I had hip surgery a few years back for femoral acetabular impingement and a labral tear and after the surgery I was very limited on the type of exercise I could do. I was unable to put any weight on the operated leg for over 8 weeks and even after that my surgeon really only wanted me to do the stationary bike, which I found extremely boring! The hip surgery definitely put me in a fitness rut but it was because of this rut that I discovered hula hoop exercise.

Is Hula Hoop Exercise REALLY Exercise?

I’ve been in the fitness industry one way or the other (writing about it or teaching it) for about 15 years and when I heard about hula hoop exercise from a friend of mine who was a real estate agent I thought it must be a joke. How could standing in place while spinning a hoop around your waist get you fit? That was what I wondered until I gave hooping a whirl…

Hula Hoop Exercise Is Intense

Hula Hoop Exercise Is No-Impact

Hula hoop exercise will absolutely get your heart rate soaring but it’s also a no-impact form of exercise, which was perfect for my post-operative hip.Although it might take a good ½ hour or so to learn to keep the hoop up some people catch on even quicker. I have taught scores of people to hoop (including my 84 year old dad!) and it’s definitely a workout anyone of any age can do. But you can’t just use any old hoop. You really need a fitness hoop…

Hoopnotica Fitness Hoops

If you are hooping for fitness you absolutely want to get a fitness hoop and I highly recommend Hoopnotica brand because they make a superior quality product with a hoop for everyone (kids, pregnancy, travel, etc.) Hoopnotica also sells instructional workout DVD’s to get you started.


Hoopnastics Hula Hoop Exercise Program

After I fell in love with hooping I started to think “outside of the hoop” and create a workout program I called Hoopnastics that used the fitness hoop as the only piece of equipment in a complete workout system that incorporated all components of fitness including strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning.

For a while I was teaching Hoopnastics in Palm Beach County & getting some good media coverage too but then I got sidetracked writing books and starting my Clean Cuisine and More site and my Hoopnastics program sort of fell by the wayside. However, I still do Hoopnastics at home as part of my workout routine because it really is such an effective workout….plus it’s such fun!

Hoopnastics Hula Hoop Exercise

Hoopnastics Hula Hoop Exercise

More Information on the

Hoopnastics Hula Hoop Exercise Program

What is it?

Hoopnastics uses a large 40-inch sports hoop fusing legendary fitness techniques from pilates, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and yoga.

The Hoopnastics is a no-impact extraordinarily effective and safe series of orthopedic movements and exercises designed to create a lighter, younger looking and younger feeling body.

The Hoopnastics keeps the heart rate elevated with zero impact on the joints providing an intense calorie-burning cardiovascular workout. The short and intense “Hooping Cardio-Core” intervals blast fat faster and more effectively than traditional aerobic exercises.

The Hoopnastics uses deep muscle conditioning exercise techniques and is designed help you burn fat, streamline, firm, re-align the body and maximally tighten and tone muscles without adding bulk all while creating superb balance, posture, pelvic floor strength, body awareness, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance….the result is a body that looks and moves 10 years younger!

What makes the Hoopnastics Method unique?

The Hoopnastics Method incorporates “hooping cardio-core” interval training segments using a 40-inch sports hula hoop for a completely no-impact cardio component that not only burns fat but also effectively targets the notoriously neglected transverse abdominal muscles with the “drawing in maneuver”. By training the transverse abdominal muscles spinal stability is increased, abdominal muscles are pulled inward, posture is dramatically improved and you are able to achieve the absolute flattest stomach and smallest waist genetically possible. The “hooping cardio-core” intervals also use rhythmic movements that activate a relaxation response to counteract the harmful effects of stress. Alternating between the “hooping cardio-core” intervals, ballet inspired standing exercises burn calories and fat while simultaneously strengthening and toning every major muscle in the lower body.

  • The Hoopnastics Method uses the large 40-inch sports hoop for a targeted seated and lying down mid-section toning series to effectively tighten and flatten the midsection while providing the added benefit of improved low back function and strength. Lying down intense pilates inspired toning exercises are also performed with the 40-inch sports hoop.
  • The Hoopnastics Method keeps the heart rate elevated with dynamic no-impact movements that burn calories and fat while simultaneously building “bulk-free” deep tissue lean muscle mass to increase resting metabolism. By fusing flexibility training with firming exercises and working the joints through a full range of motion the body is lengthened, tightened and toned from head to toe.
  • The Hoopnastics Method demands focus and awareness, therefore creating a superb mind-body connection.
  • The Hoopnastics Method improves balance, coordination and body awareness while working the body as a whole, integrated unit resulting in a long, lean, toned and symmetrical “bulk-free” dancers physique.

Shape Up with the Hoopnastics Body Makeover Method:

The Hoopnastics Method is highly effective for developing and maintaining a superior level of functional fitness for the following reasons:

  • The brisk-paced no-impact workout safely burns a lot of calories
  • The routine works joints through a full range of motion to keep your body limber and flexible
  • The controlled movements and weight bearing exercises strengthen and tone every major muscle in your body thus significantly increasing resting metabolism
  • The interval training component increases EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) to boost resting metabolism and fat-burning potential for up to 48 hours after the workout
  • The workout is intense enough to keep the heart rate elevated, improve endurance and condition the cardiovascular system
  • The unique hula-hooping component works your midsection in a circular pattern therefore training every muscle in the core of your body while simultaneously toning the muscles in the arms and upper back, increasing flexibility in the spine and providing a fabulous no-impact calorie-burning cardio workout


Ivy Larson

In 2010, Clean Cuisine was launched because Ivy Larson wanted to share her anti-inflammatory lifestyle and delicious recipes using ingredients in their most natural and nutrient-rich state. In 2020, Ivy passed the website to Aimee and Madison. Since then, they have been adding new recipes and nutrition posts while updating old recipes and articles. Thanks for visiting Clean Cuisine!

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