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How to Make Eggnog

How to Make Eggnog – If you are wondering how to make eggnog at home this holiday season, look no further. This Eggnog Recipe is gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free, and even eggless! And even free of all of these ingredients, it still tastes just like the real deal. You can even throw in a bit of Amaretto for the adults!

If you’re looking for festive holiday recipes, but still want to maintain a clean eating diet, you simply have to try this Vegan Eggnog Recipe. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

how to make eggnog

How to Make Eggnog… Sans Dairy, Eggs and Sugar

I realize it may seem very bah humbug of me to even try to talk about how to make eggnog while simultaneously suggesting we eliminate key ingredients. Dairy, eggs and sugar make this classic holiday beverage so deliciously decadent. But I promise, it’s just as delicious, and is spot on on all of the traditional eggnog flavor.

I have actually been making eggnog without dairy, eggs and sugar for a few years now. However, the recipe below is a bit more decadent and richer than the original recipe. I’m sure the addition of the Disaronno amaretto in this updated version contributes a special something-something too (wink).

As for how to make eggnog without the dairy, eggs and sugar, the secret is 4-fold:

#1: Instead of Sugar

Here at Clean Cuisine, we take a natural sweetener approach to making our sweet treats delicious! In this recipe, I sweeten primarily with pureed dates and frozen banana. I then use just a wee bit of pure maple syrup, which is not a refined sugar, by the way.

#2: Instead of Dairy

Let’s be honest, the benefits of dairy simply do not come anywhere close to outweighing the negative effects dairy has on our bodies. Plus, there are so many delicious dairy-free substitutions these days, there’s simply no need for it any longer!

I get the rich, creamy texture of this recipe free from dairy from a combination of coconut butter and coconut milk. Coconut butter is different than coconut oil, by the way. I like Nutiva brand coconut butter and organic coconut milk from Thrive Market. I also think the banana also helps a bit with the creaminess.

However, if you don’t have coconut butter on hand and don’t want to buy it special just for this recipe you can omit the coconut butter and it will still be delicious!

#3: Instead of Eggs

The coconut butter and coconut milk do the trick and thicken the eggnog perfectly.

In case you are wondering, the only reason I don’t use eggs is because traditional eggnog recipes call for raw eggs. Honestly, it may just be a personal thing but using raw eggs always freaks me out a bit–especially when entertaining.

However, it is not because I think eggs are unhealthy. But for the record, if I were to use raw eggs the only ones I would use would be organic, pastured (NOT pasteurized!) eggs, such as Vital Choice).

#4: A High-Speed Blender

In the end, its my super-charged premium high-speed blender, from Luvele that steps up to the final job. This blender can literally liquefy all of my “whole food” eggnog ingredients together (with the addition of some water, of course).

The result is a smooth, creamy and decadent holiday deliciousness. Although you don’t necessarily need a Luvele blender, you definitely need a high-speed blender to make my Eggnog Recipe because a standard blender just can’t get everything blended smooth enough. 

how to make eggnog

Even Bon Appetit Magazine Is Making Eggnog Differently!

When my “Super Holiday Special” December issue of Bon Appetit magazine arrived in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised to see their featured recipe. The food editors featured a new kind of eggnog this holiday season. The Bon Appetit Cashew Nut Nog Recipe is not without eggs or sugar, but it is entirely dairy free. And it still looks and tastes every bit as festive and fun as the real deal.

But I decided to push the envelope a bit further than Bon Appetit and ditch the dairy and sugar too… and yes, it is delicious. Just trust me on this one.

how to make eggnog

Recipe for Eggnog with Alcohol

Eggnog can be enjoyed with alcohol, or without! It is a tasty treat either way, but many prefer to spike their eggnog, especially to make festive holiday cocktail.

If you love holiday cocktails, opt for refined-sugar free and healthier cocktails like our Eggnog Homemade with Disaronno…

Disaronno Adds a Touch of Magic to Any Eggnog Recipe

Although classic spiked eggnog recipes typically use alcohol in the form of brandy, rum, bourbon, etc., I prefer the sweet almond-y flavor of amaretto. I am especially fond of the Italian-made Disaronno Originale. 

If you are only buying it for the eggnog recipe, you can just pick up a few miniature bottles.

However, I love Disaronno so much that I always keep a large bottle stashed in our home bar. It’s the perfect liqueur to pour over fresh fruit (peaches are my favorite in the summer) or baked apples (in the fall/ winter) as a super simple and elegant dessert.

how to make eggnog

Ways to Enjoy Eggnog

Of course you can simply enjoy your eggnog as is, and you’re in for a creamy and delicious winter drink! However, there are many other ways to get creative with your eggnog, and add a bit of variety to this classic holiday recipe.

Turn Your Eggnog Recipe Into Ice Cream!

The eggnog recipe below is absolutely delicious when made into ice cream… and such a festive and fun holiday treat if you’ve got a houseful of kids. To turn the eggnog into ice cream simply follow the directions in the recipe below (minus the liqueur) and then transfer the mixture to your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturers instructions.

If you want the taste of the liqueur you can drizzle it on the ice cream after it is frozen. NOTE: Ice cream won’t freeze properly with the liqueur added beforehand.

For kids, we love to add a drizzle of caramel. Try our delicious homemade and Healthy Caramel Sauce with just 2 ingredients.

If you don’t own an ice cream maker you might want to consider adding it to your holiday wish list! A a high quality ice cream maker, like this one is actually a lot less expensive than you might think (I got mine for just $39!) and you can make an incredible assortment of decadent dairy-free/ sugar-free ice creams using nuts, coconut milk and dates.

Add Ice Cream to Your Eggnog

Instead of turning your eggnog into ice cream, try adding ice cream to your eggnog (as pictured below)! All you need is a scoop of a dairy-free clean vanilla ice cream that you can either blend in, or enjoy on top!

If you’ve never tried adding ice cream to your eggnog before, you’re in for a major eggnog upgrade. You may just never go back to your old ways!

Add Dairy-Free Whipped Cream

Classic, yet something that many who are dairy-free don’t see as an option. Thankfully, making dairy-free Whipped Coconut Cream from home is easy peasy, free of dairy, refined-sugar, emulsifiers and gums, and totally delicious! Just be sure to refrigerate your coconut cream the night before for thick and creamy whipped cream.

how to make eggnog

Ok, let’s get the holiday party started! Time to make the eggnog….


How to Make Eggnog

If you are wondering how to make eggnog, look no further. This Eggnog Recipe is gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free, and even eggless!

how to make eggnog
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  • Total Time: 5 minutes
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  1. Place all ingredients in a premium high-speed blender, in the order listed above and process until smooth and creamy.
  2. Pour into cups, and serve immediately! 

Last Step! If you loved our recipe, leave us a review below. This helps future recipe makers and ensures continued high-quality recipes for years to come!


*Remove the coconut milk from the freezer without tipping or shaking. Carefully remove the lid and then scrape out the top, thickened cream and leave the watery liquid behind (reserve liquid for use in smoothies). You will want to use the thickened cream only for the eggnog recipe.


**If using this recipe to make ice cream do not add the liqueur or the ice cream will not freeze properly. You can pour the liqueur on top of the ice cream just before serving if you want the flavor.)

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Madison Suttles

Madison is passionate about health, fitness, and Jesus. She has lived with autoimmune symptoms nearly her entire life, but was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2016. She shares her experience with Crohn's and living on a modified Specific Carbohydrate Diet as a resource to others on their health journeys.

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