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Egg Substitutes for Baking

Egg Substitutes for Baking – With eggs being one of the most common food allergies, in addition to vegan diets being so popular, egg substitutes for baking are in high demand! In years past, egg replacement options were less known, and finding alternatives was a major obstacle. These days, there are so many options, you’re sure to find one you love!

egg substitute for baking

Egg Substitutes

As a preface, while there are exceptions to the rule, most recipes have a limit on how many eggs you can replace without seeing a deterioration in the integrity of the recipe. The general rule of thumb is to use egg substitutes in recipes calling for 2 eggs or less. To make it easy, all recipe ratios listed below are equal to one egg.

In this article, I’ll break down our favorite egg substitutes for baking, how many eggs each substitute can replace, and explain exactly how to make them yourself. Let’s get into it!

Chia Eggs as Egg Substitutes for Baking

egg substitute for baking

Chia seeds are a superfood that have quickly gained popularity over the past few years. They’re filled with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and many other nutrients that have made them all the craze. They also just so happen to be an amazing egg substitute!

Benefits of Chia Seeds

  • High in Antioxidants: Chia seeds are full of antioxidants! Antioxidants help to prevent damage to the body’s cells, which may help to prevent disease and illness.
  • Great Source of Fiber: Another benefit of chia seeds is that they’re loaded with fiber! When I say loaded, I mean LOADED. There’s seriously 10 grams of fiber in only a single ounce of these tiny seeds! Fiber is vital for proper digestive health and “staying regular”. Looking to detoxify your body? Regularity is an incredibly important part of this! Add chia seeds in for a simple source of high fiber nutrition.
  • Hefty Dose of Protein: Chia seeds are a fantastic source of clean, plant-based protein! Offering 4.7 grams of protein per single ounce of chia seeds, these superfoods are perfect for blending into your smoothie after a hard workout.

Chia Egg Substitute

When submerged in water, chia seeds can absorb 10-12x their weight in water! Throughout this process, they become gelatinous, mimicking a similar consistency to a raw egg.

Their gelatinous nature makes them the perfect egg substitute for baking, without noticeably changing the flavor of the recipe.

Egg substitutes made with chia seeds are best used in recipes that call for 1-2 eggs, like these Blueberry Muffins!

Chia Egg Ratio

These chia egg replacements are actually incredibly quick and easy to make! Requiring only two ingredients (chia seeds and water), this egg replacement couldn’t be more simple!


-1 tablespoon chia seeds (chia meal or whole chia seeds work at the same ratio)

-3 tablespoons water


-Combine ingredients, and allow to sit for 5 minutes, until mixture becomes gelatinous.

-Use in recipe as you would an egg.

It’s really that simple!

egg substitute for baking

Applesauce Eggs as Egg Substitutes for Baking

Believe it or not, applesauce actually makes an excellent egg substitute! Since this is something many people already have stocked in their kitchens, this is an incredibly convenient egg substitute.

Benefits of Applesauce

  • Good Source of Soluble Fiber: Pectin, the binding property of apples (read below) also functions as a prebiotic! Prebiotics help to feed good bacteria in the gut, improve digestive health, and so much more.
  • Full of Phytochemicals: Phytochemicals are a type of antioxidant found in plants. Phytochemicals offer amazing protection for your cells, even being studied to help reduce one’s chances of cancer. And because phytochemicals are only found in plant foods, this should be great motivation to up that plant intake!
  • Includes Vitamin C: While citrus foods are notorious for being high in Vitamin C, apples contain Vitamin C as well! While most definitely not to the same extent as citrus fruits, you can count the Vitamin C in apples as an added bonus to enjoying a nice big cup of applesauce.

Applesauce Egg Substitutes

While flax and chia seeds are both gelatinous when exposed to water, applesauce is most definitely not. It’s actually somewhat liquidy.

So where are its binding properties? The answer is actually in the pectin! When cooked, pectin (found in apples) forms a sticky, gel-like texture that helps thicken, and bind the recipe together. Therefore, applesauce helps to both add moisture, and binds the recipe together. It’s a win win, and a great egg substitute!

A baking egg substitute made with applesauce are best used in recipes that call for 1-2 eggs. This Healthy Gingerbread Recipe only requires 1 egg, making it a great option for applesauce egg substitutes!

Applesauce to Egg Ratio

Applesauce, like mentioned above, really might be the absolute easiest egg replacement there is. The only ingredient is applesauce, meaning there’s no mixing, waiting, or extra ingredients you need on hand.


-1/4 cup applesauce


-Mix 1/4 cup applesauce into mixture for each egg needed.

Some things really are just that easy!

egg substitute for baking

Banana Eggs as Egg Substitutes

Bananas are a great replacement for eggs in chewy, moist baked goods. This is another convenient replacement, especially if you’re like me. I’m guilty of always having those last few super ripe bananas on my counter that I promise myself I’ll eventually make into banana bread before they go bad (hint: I never do).

So grab your ripe bananas, and let’s make eggs!

Benefits of Bananas

  • Loaded with Potassium: Starting off with the most well-known perks of bananas, which is that they’re an excellent source of potassium! With 422 mg of potassium in a single medium-sized banana, this is around 1/4 of your daily potassium needs!
  • High in Antioxidants: Like almost all plant foods, bananas are a great source of antioxidants! Acting as a protective barrier for your cells, antioxidants can help prevent disease, and reduce the risk of other illnesses.
  • Low to Medium Glycemic Index: While ripe bananas are high in sugar, this sugar is paired with fiber and other nutrients for an average value of just above 50 (on a scale of 0-100). Because of this, bananas have a much lower chance of leading to blood sugar spikes in those without particular health issues.

Bananas as Egg Substitutes for Baking

The one thing to remember before deciding to use bananas as egg substitutes for baking, is that your recipe will most likely will turn out with a distinct, banana flavor. Personally, I LOVE bananas, so this doesn’t bother me.

When mashed, bananas take on a thick, mushy, moisture-filled consistency that makes them the perfect swap for eggs in moist baked goods.

While the general rule of thumb (use bananas to replace 1-2 eggs) still applies here, some recipes maintain their integrity swapping up to 3 eggs!

These Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies are a great recipe to begin experimenting with.

Banana Egg Ratio

The ratio for a banana substitute for eggs is very simple, and again, requires only 1 ingredient…bananas!


-1/4 cup mashed bananas


-Mash banana, and use as you would an egg in recipe.

*note: Extra leavening may be needed.

egg substitute for baking

Gelatin Eggs as a Substitute for Egg in Baking

Gelatin eggs are one of the most well-known egg replacements, especially in the AIP (Autoimmune Paleo Protocol) community.

With the right technique, and being used in the proper recipes, gelatin eggs are a fantastic egg replacement!

Benefits of Gelatin

  • Promotes a Healthy Gut: High quality gelatin can aid in improving the mucosal lining of the gut, helping to protect against damage, and improve gut health overall. I have personally seen major improvements in my gut health by implementing gelatin on a daily basis, and trying to include it in as many recipes as possible! My current favorite recipe including gelatin is my Gummy Bear Recipe!
  • Great Source of Protein: Gelatin is an excellent source of protein, packing in a whopping 11 grams in a single tablespoon!
  • May Help Reduce Inflammation: Gelatin has been studied for its ability to help reduce inflammation, and ease the pain from diseases like osteoporosis. Add gelatin into your diet as part of an anti-inflammatory approach to healing!

Gelatin Eggs as Egg Substitutes for Baking

Just like flax seeds and chia seeds, gelatin is a great substitute for eggs due to its gelatinous nature when submerged in water. However, gelatin eggs can get clumpy and difficult to work with quickly, so the proper technique is vital. But don’t worry..they’re actually very easy to make once you learn how. We’ll cover this in the instructions!

Gelatin eggs actually replace the highest quantity of eggs out all the egg substitutions we’ve discussed so far. This egg replacement may be used to replace up to 4 eggs in most recipes! This Gluten Free Carrot Cake is a good recipe to begin practicing utilizing gelatin eggs in!

Gelatin Egg Ratio

This recipe only requires two simple ingredients..gelatin and water! Here are the ratios.


-1 tablespoon grass-fed gelatin

-3 tablespoons hot water


-Heat water until water reaches a simmer/slight boil.

-Very slowly sprinkle gelatin over water, while vigorously whisking, or using an electric mixer to blend. Continue this process until all gelatin is combined, and dissolved.

-Allow to sit for 2 minutes, and mix into recipe.

recipe for homemade yogurt with coconut cream

Coconut Yogurt as a Substitute for Egg for Baking

Yogurt is an often forgotten about, but great replacement for eggs in baking! And while dairy-based yogurt works well, we’re not the biggest fans of dairy in a clean eating diet. Thankfully, dairy-free yogurt, such as coconut yogurt works just as well!

You can buy coconut yogurt from the store, or easily make it from home for the absolute cleanest option (although GT’s and several other brands haver some rather clean coconut yogurt options out there).

Benefits of Coconut Yogurt

  • Full of Probiotics: Coconut yogurt is one of those non-dairy probiotic-rich foods that you should definitely consider adding into your diet! Probiotics are filled with gut-healing and full-body beionefits, and can make a major difference in your health when consumed on a regular basis!
  • Lots of Healthy Fats: Coconut yogurt, made form coconut cream, is a fantastic source of MCT’s (medium-chain triglycerides), a type of healthy fats. MCT’s have been studied for their benefits in healthy weight loss, brain function, and more!
  • Healthy Source of Carbs: Coconut yogurt is a healthy source of carbs, helping to boost energy, and fuel your body!

Coconut Yogurt Egg Replacement Ratio

Coconut yogurt is an easy peasy egg replacement, requiring only coconut yogurt! Here’s the ratio for replacing 1 egg..


-1/4 cup of Coconut Yogurt


Mix into recipe as instructed to replace egg.

egg substitute for baking

Flaxseeds as a Baking Egg Substitute

Flaxseeds make the perfect substitute for eggs, due to their gelatinous texture when mixed with water! They’re also vegan, making them an excellent substitute for egg in baking for those avoiding animal products!

In addition, because of their nutty, earthy flavor, flaxseed meal is easily added to numerous recipes! From smoothies, to yogurt, to cereal and much more, sprinkling a little flaxseed into your meal or snack not only adds flavor, but tons of health benefits as well (see below)!

Benefits of Flaxseeds

  • Loaded with Omega-3 Fats: Omega-3s have been studied to fight inflammation, fight against autoimmune disease, improve mental health issues, and much more! Often found in fish, flax seeds are an excellent source of Omega-3s for those on a vegan diet.
  • Full of Fiber: Containing both soluble and insoluble fiber, flaxseed helps to promote regularity, as well as improved gut health!
  • A Great Source of Protein: Flaxseeds are incredible source of plant-based protein, providing almost 2 grams in a single tablespoon! The protein in flaxseeds is a great alternative to soy protein, as the content is nearly identical, without some of the negative effects people experience from soy products.

Egg Substitutes for Baking

Flaxseeds, being gelatinous when exposed to water, are the perfect vegan egg substitutes for baking!

Save Recipe
  • Prep Time: 1 minute
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes to gel
  • Total Time: 16 minutes
  • Yield: 1 1x


  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed meal 
  • 2.5 tablespoons water (cold or room temperature)


  1. Mix ingredients together with a whisk or fork, and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes, or until mixture becomes gelatinous (I often speed up the process to only 5 minutes by placing in the freezer).
  2. Use in recipe as you would an egg.

Last Step! If you loved our recipe, leave us a review below. This helps future recipe makers and ensures continued high-quality recipes for years to come!


Although best used in recipes replacing up to 2 eggs, I’ve achieved good results in particular recipes using up to 4 gelatin eggs! These Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles would be a great recipe to experiment with!

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