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Clean Recipes for Kids and Eating Whole Foods


Clean Recipes for Kids and Eating Whole Foods

Discover clean eating recipes for kids, eating whole foods, and clean eating for the entire family! Check out a few of Clean Cuisine’s healthy breakfast ideas for kids as well as whole foods recipes.

clean eating recipes for kids

Our son, Blake (in the photo above), was born in 2001 and has been raised on our anti-inflammatory whole foods style diet ever since he was weaned. He has enjoyed incredible health his entire life and has only needed to be given antibiotics once (for an ear infection after swimming in a murky pond.) We attribute Blake’s vibrant good health to his incredibly nutrient-rich, clean diet.

Not only does Blake eat clean, he enjoys cooking Clean Cuisine and has contributed to a good number of recipes on this website. See below for some of his favorite Clean Cuisine recipes.

Clean Eating Recipes for Kids

clean eating blueberry pancakes for kids

Blueberry Flourless Pancakes

clean eating apple cranberry crumble pie for kids

Apple-Cranberry Crumble

clean eating black bean salad for kids

Clean Cuisine’s 7-Layer Salad

clean eating baked beans for kids

Baked Beans

clean eating quinoa risotto for kids

Quinoa Risotto

clean eating gluten free pizza for kids

Mini Gluten-Free Pizzas

clean eating garbanzo bean bread for kids

Garbanzo Bean Bread Triangles

clean eating black bean burger for kids

Black Bean Burger

clean eating cinnamon apple smoothie for kids

Hot Cinnamon Apple Smoothie

clean eating peanut butter banana muffins for kids

Peanut Butter Banana Muffins


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