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Recipe for Veggie Smoothie

Recipe for Veggie Smoothie – We love drinking our daily smoothies. They’re simply such a great way to pack in tons of fruit and veggies in one easy snack or breakfast! While I normally enjoy fruity smoothies, every now and then, I’m in the mood for a veggie-based, low-sugar smoothie, like this Recipe for Veggie Smoothie!

This Recipe for Veggie Smoothie is packed with fresh greens and veggies, citrusy lemon, and a bit of spicy ginger for an anti-inflammatory smoothie that will leave you feeling refreshed, and ready for the day. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

recipe for veggie smoothie

Recipe for Veggie Smoothie

This Recipe for Veggie Smoothie is not your average smoothie. Made up of a base of veggies with the only fruit being a bit of fresh lemon juice, this smoothie is light, refreshing, and detoxifying! While delicious, this is a true “green smoothie”, therefore, you shouldn’t expect a sweet flavor with this recipe.

Instead, expect a fresh and spicy flavor (from the ginger) offering both anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and energizing effects. Plus, this smoothie is FULL of phytonutrients! Trust us, adding this little smoothie to your diet will do wonders for your body… both inside and out!

recipe for veggie smoothie

Ingredients in Recipe for Veggie Smoothie

Now since you know what to expect with flavor and benefits of your Veggie Smoothie, here are the ingredients you’ll need to make it! While some smoothies call for superfood powders and ingredients you may need to order online, or make a special trip to a health food store for, this Recipe for Veggie Smoothie is super minimal and simple. You can find these ingredients at your local grocer. No specialty items in this smoothie!

Fresh Kale

You always hear people telling you to eat your greens, and for good reason! Fresh kale in particular is full of vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin A, alpha-linolenic acid, fiber, and much more. While raw veggies can be difficult for many to digest, smoothies, where these veggies are fully pureed, are a great way to enjoy raw veggies with less chance for digestive upset!


Cucumbers are a big part of what add the “fresh” flavor to this smoothie. Made up of more than 95% water, cucumbers are hydrating and full of nutrients and antioxidants.


We’ve all heard about the celery juice trend. And while celery juice isn’t necessarily unhealthy, we always prefer the entire plant over just the juice. Another high water veggie (around 95%), celery adds a distinct, very “green” flavor to this green smoothie. Celery is beneficial in reducing inflammation, offers some impressive perks for the digestive tract, and is full of nutrients!

Fresh Lemon Juice

The fresh lemon juice is included mostly for the subtle, citrusy flavor it adds to this Recipe for Veggie Smoothie. Like mentioned above, we aren’t normally big on juice. However, in this case, lemons are a low sugar fruit. There are also only a few tablespoons of juice being added to the mix. Besides, lemon juice also has potential benefits such as being antibacterial (helping to prevent yeast and bacterial overgrowths), lower blood pressure, and much more!

Fresh Ginger

Ginger is incredibly anti-inflammatory, and amazing for the digestive system. I can feel a noticeable difference in my stomach nearly immediately when drinking Ginger Lemon Tea, or adding ginger to my smoothies in the morning.

recipe for veggie smoothie

Is Organic Worth it?

Ideally, all food would be organic and free of harmful pesticides. However, that’s simply not the reality right now. With that being said, eating a fully organic diet can get expensive quickly. The good news is, not all produce you buy necessarily needs to be organic. Instead, we choose what food we buy organic vs. conventional based upon EWG’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Lists. These are updated every year. The Dirty Dozen List showcases the foods that are sprayed most heavily with pesticides. The Clean Fifteen showing those with the least amount of pesticides.

For 2021, kale and celery are on the Dirty Dozen List, while cucumbers, ginger, and lemon didn’t make either list this year. For food unlisted on the aforementioned lists, we use “What’s on my Food” to reference the chemicals that may be used in production.

These are the general references we use when deciding which foods to buy organic vs. conventional. However, we know that availability and costs can get in the way, in which, we go with the flow! The stress of agonizing over doing everything perfectly can sometimes cause more damage to the body than simply going with what’s the most realistic option.

recipe for veggie smoothie

What’s So Great about Green Smoothies?

Well, calorie for calorie, dark leafy greens pack in more nutrients than just about any other food on earth. Dark leafy greens are also incredibly nutrient-dense. In addition, they are highly anti-inflammatory, super rich in detoxifying chlorophyll, an excellent source of fiber, and they pack in a mind-blowing array of anti-aging and disease-fighting antioxidants and phytonutrients.

More is Always Better

This is the one food group where more really is better.  Unfortunately, most people do not come anywhere even remotely close to getting the amount of dark leafy greens their bodies really need, and this includes the people who think they are eating healthy.

Unlike other healthy habits you might have tried in the past, adding in a green smoothie is one I am confident you will actually look forward to sticking with. Why? Because green smoothies truly taste amazing. Not only will you enjoy drinking them, but they will make you feel vibrantly energized and they will give your skin a radiantly healthy glow.

recipe for veggie smoothie

Not a Fan of Green Smoothies?

Like mentioned above, this smoothie is a true green smoothie. Fresh and tasty, but most definitely not sweet. However, if you’re not a fan of the flavor of veggie-based smoothies, you don’t have to count yourself out of enjoying green smoothies!

Here are a few of our favorite green smoothies that don’t taste “green”…

Green Apple Smoothie: Green Apple Smoothie is full of phytonutrients, anti-inflammatory properties and lots of delicious fruits and vegetables.

Blueberry Smoothie with Spinach: Loaded with flavor AND greens, this Blueberry Smoothie with Spinach can be made in less than 5 minutes to boost breakfast nutrition.

Green Smoothie Recipe (with pineapple): Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes to build your vegetable intake while helping you to fight inflammation and gain overall improved health.

Ready for the full recipe? Let’s get into it!


Recipe for Veggie Smoothie

This Recipe for Veggie Smoothie is packed with fresh greens and veggies, citrusy lemon, and spicy ginger to leave you refreshed! 

recipe for veggie smoothie
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  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1x


  • 1 cup of fresh kale, packed
  • 1/2 cucumber, skin on
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 thumb of ginger, or more to taste
  • Juice from 1 lemon
  • 1.5 cups ice
  • 2 cups water


  1. Add all ingredients into a high speed blender.
  2. Blend, and serve immediately. Enjoy! 

Last Step! If you loved our recipe, leave us a review below. This helps future recipe makers and ensures continued high-quality recipes for years to come!


Want to eliminate foam? Include a splash of avocado oil to cut down on the foam, or simply scoop the foam off the top of the smoothie after blended. 

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Madison Suttles

Madison is passionate about health, fitness, and Jesus. She has lived with autoimmune symptoms nearly her entire life, but was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2016. She shares her experience with Crohn's and living on a modified Specific Carbohydrate Diet as a resource to others on their health journeys.

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