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Giveaway: Uten-sil Hostess Gift for Dinner Party Invite

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Even if you have not had a chance to read Modern Manners, you probably do not need the world-renowned etiquette expert, Dorethea Johnson, and her famous granddaughter, the internationally acclaimed lovely Liv Tyler, telling you that a thoughtful hostess gift is always in good etiquette.

Sure, a nice bottle of wine will almost always be an appropriate hostess gift (unless of course the host and hostess are adamant non-drinkers!), but bringing something with a little novelty shows extra thoughtfulness.

What about if you are on a budget? Not to worry! Thoughtfulness does not require a large checking account. In fact, if you only have a limited amount of money to spend on a hostess gift, it is far better to bring an inexpensive but unique gift rather than a cheap bottle of wine.

So then, what is the perfect inexpensive, unique hostess gift for foodie friends who seem to have every kitchen gadget, gourmet condiment and culinary gizmo under the sun?

 Does Your Hostess Have Uten-sil?

Try Uten-sil


Since it is brand new to the market, chances are your hostess has not yet heard of Uten-sil. And when it comes to hostess gift giving, that’s a good thing.

Serving as both a functional and decorative fork and knife “dock”, Uten-sil is not only the perfect place to rest your silverware between courses, it adds a sophisticated and classy touch to your tablescape. If the menu leans towards being more Eastern than Western, Uten-sil functions equally as well with chopsticks as with silverware! And whether you select black or white, Uten-sil blends in beautifully with any number of different table settings.

Of course if your hostess is somewhat of a neatnik (like me!) she will surely appreciate how tidy Uten-sil helps keep her tablecloth and placemats.

Unique Hostess Gift Idea Combo: A Cut Above the Rest

The hostess gift for your next dinner party invite could be as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Pop a set of four Uten-sils ($12.00) in a decorative gift bag and bring along an orchid (always an elegant gift idea.) It’s a thoughtful, classy gift combo and it won’t break the bank!

Try Uten-sil

Hostess Gift Bag



orchid 3


5 Lucky Winners Will Win The Clean Cuisine Uten-sil Hostess Gift Giveaway!

Here are the Rules:

To enter our giveaway, you must do these three simple but REQUIRED steps:

1. Make sure that you are SUBSCRIBED to the Clean Cuisine weekly newsletter (on the top right corner of this page) for free 2-week meal plan, recipes, fitness & nutrition advice, and more giveaways like this one. The winner will be announced via the newsletter ONLY.


2. Leave a comment below this article (scroll all the way down to the “leave a reply” section at the bottom of the page) and let us know what you normally bring for a hostess gift. Also, occasionally technical difficulties will prohibit you from seeing your comment on the bottom of this page. However, that does not mean you are not entered. We have every entry on the back-end and you only have to comment once to be entered to win. 


3. When you are all done signing up for our newsletter and commenting below, all you have to do is spread the news about our Uten-sil Hostess Giveaway with your friends by clicking on one of the “Share This Page” green social media icons above or below this article. You only need to share the Giveaway on ONE social media outlet (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google +). 

This giveaway runs April 17, 2015 – April 30th, 2015. Five lucky winners will be announced on April 30, 2015 via the Clean Cuisine Weekly Newsletter.

***Winner will have three days to respond and redeem their prize. After the three day window, we will pick a new winner. So, be sure to read our newsletter!***

That’s it! Now all you have to do is share the Giveaway with your friends!



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