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Since 2005, we have been writing books on anti-inflammatory nutrition, fitness and healthy “Clean Cuisine” cooking.  It was one thing to read and learn about the benefits of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, but it was another thing entirely to experience them firsthand.  The incredible results we have experienced as a family is what initially motivated us to share Ivy’s story and our journey. Over the years, we have received countless emails with amazing testimonial and success storiesMore recently, we have started to interview individuals and feature their success stories on our website, in our emails and throughout Clean Cuisine social media outlets.

Do YOU Have an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle or Clean Cuisine Success Story?

Have you regained your health and your life by changing your diet and lifestyle? Have you dramatically improved a chronic inflammatory illness such as fibromyalgia, endometriosis, or multiple sclerosis? Have you lost weight, gained health and improved your energy levels, mood and enjoyment of life by changing your lifestyle?

If so, we would love to hear about YOUR success following Clean Cuisine or any other anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Please fill out the form to the right or email with your story and we will potentially share your story with the Clean Cuisine community. 


When Kim Daughtridge wrote to us to share her experience we asked if we could interview her and share a bit more about her “Clean Cuisine” journey because we are certain some of her tips can help others too. We were especially excited … READ MORE >>


If you are someone who has always struggled with your weight and just don’t believe you have the genetic makeup to be slim then the incredible Clean Cuisine anti-inflammatory diet success story of Holly Reynolds… READ MORE >>


Angie initially decided to change her diet in order to lose weight. Angie’s weight loss efforts began back in 2009 but we are happy to say she stumbled on our Clean Cuisine website and anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition in 2011. Angie was not… READ MORE >>


Want to know the number one most important secret to turning back the clock? It has absolutely nothing to do with skin creams, laser technology, surgical procedures, spa makeovers or anything risky, pricey or painful. What is it then? READ MORE >>

Leigh Ann

My name is Leigh Ann and I am a 38 year old Mom of two. For about two years I have had terrible joint paint from arthritis along with chronic hypertension  (since my first pregnancy at age 23.)… READ MORE >>

Your Name Here!

We would love to hear about your success following Clean Cuisine or any other anti-inflammatory lifestyle!

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Saturday 14th of March 2015

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