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Real Life Testimonials

These are just a few of the testimonials from real folks who have gotten real results… and they’re really happy! Of course, we couldn’t be happier for them!

Kara from Florida:
Just had to share some good news and offer you my heartfelt thanks. I was diagnosed a few months ago with polyglandular autoimmune syndrome. Part of my illness included a diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis. My liver enzymes doubled and then doubled again.

One of my treating physicians was insisting upon a liver biopsy which I refused. My inflammatory markers were also really high. I decided that instead of rushing into a whole host of new meds, I would first try to follow a strict anti-inflammatory diet. I have been loosely following it for almost a year, but had allowed myself some leeway. 

Anyway, my gi guy called me yesterday and told me that my latest liver panel wasn’t just improved, it was NORMAL. Further, my CRP had gone down by 50%. He was stunned. I was ecstatic. He asked me what I had been doing and I told him that I finally got serious about following an anti-inflammatory diet.

I know my illness isn’t curable, but I feel so much better knowing that I can control at least part of it. I was terrified that I would end up with a liver transplant. Suddenly, that’s not even on my radar. I am beyond thrilled and just wanted to share the good news. Clean Cuisine really is amazing and I am forever grateful.

Kimberly Lee from Florida:
The Clean Cuisine website has totally changed the way I think about “healthy” food. I now realize many of the foods I thought were healthy simply are not. Best of all the foods that really are healthy taste absolutely amazing. Everyday Clean Cuisine Dinners has helped me put together delicious meals that I am confident are truly healthy. If you eat this way everyday you are guaranteed to see an improvement in your energy, health and even appearance. Plus, you’ll save so much time not having to plan weekly meals and shopping lists!

Michele Howe, author – Burdens Do a Body Good:
Dr. Andrew Larson, MD & Ivy Larson comprise the perfect combination for presenting today’s health-conscious consumer with a richly satisfying primer on eating clean. In their newest collaboration, Clean Cuisine, the Larson’s deliver the goods: good eating facts, good eating science, and good eating recipes. Clean is the key word throughout this beautifully composed resource that will function as both practical resource and inspirational jumpstarter toward a more vibrant life. Joining Dr. Larson’s expertise as a general surgeon and Ivy’s skills as an author chef…readers get the best of both worlds (solid medical information and delicious ways to taste-test these life-enhancing principles.) If you want to add more zip, pep and ??? to your life…then you need Clean Cuisine as the essential ingredient.

Elizabeth Thomson from Florida:
Following your plan and eating the clean cuisine way more than just tastes fantastic it feels great! My blood pressure is lower and my clothes fit better than ever. That’s exciting to be able to say as I approach 50! Most importantly my energy and health have gotten a huge boost. Thanks to your research and incredibly delicious recipes I’ve been able to faithfully stick to a healthy lifestyle. The selling point for me has been the distinct difference I feel after eating the nutritionally dense foods you recommend. Now I’m satisfied after meals and don’t fall victim to the cravings I used to get prior to your plan. After revamping my pantry and shopping according to your recommendations I’ve never looked back or missed my old way of eating. Your simple system and straightforward approach to a healthy lifestyle has empowered me to improve my health and quality of life. Thank you so much!

Terry Allen, Retired Healthcare CEO & Consultant:
Ivy Larson is a force for reason in developing new, better, healthier and more responsible fare on the tables of nutritionally conscious people everywhere. Her ideas, her recipes, and her commitment to helping us all live better and longer, are obvious on every page of this website. Please do yourself the favor. You will be glad you did and so will those who share your table.

Natalie Hicks, Certified Personal Trainer (NPTI):
Despite being in the fitness field myself, I find the process of creating healthy, nutrient-rich and whole food meals on a consistent basis to be entirely too stressful. After reading just the first paragraph, Ivy’s “best-friend” writing style totally put me as ease. Instead of feeling like you’re being advised by a fitness guru who knows it all, Ivy’s warm, engaging and approachable style makes the idea of changing your diet totally doable. The meals are not labor intensive and the weekly shopping guides take all the guess work away. It feels good hear someone say that it’s okay to take it one meal at time- it really is that simple and that’s what Ivy has inspired me to do. Let’s do it together. Meal by meal, we can make changes by adopting the clean eating lifestyle!

Dana LaMonica: (Dana’s story was featured in 2009 in SPRY magazine):
The GOLD COAST CURE has saved my life. I was diagnosed with MS almost 10 yrs ago. I was only 30…and I was devastated !! Having much difficulty for the first 5 yrs….My Mom saw Ivy on The Montel Williams Show and she spoke of her and her husbands book. My Mom being the wonderful support system that she is, immediately bought it for me…I will admit, it sat in my drawer for a couple of years. At that point I just didn’t have the brain power to make the change. NOT realizing it would be the absolute best change I would ever make for myself. I now have been following the diet and vitamin regimen for a little over 4 yrs. I feel better than I have EVER felt in my entire life. My MS is under control and I look and feel healthier than I ever have. So when I say it saved my life, I mean IT SAVED MY LIFE !! As a bonus, but wasn’t my main concern, I lost a ton of weight, I bet 60 lbs or so came off once I started to change my diet. This was a great extra !! I won’t complain. I have directed many others this way of life, some have succeeded , some have not. I will keep passing on the good word. I want everyone to just try it, the result is so worth it. Thank you Ivy, for all of your effort. I use your tools everyday in some way ! I really appreciate all you’ve done to give us with MS an option and HOPE !

Alisa Rhinehart:
“My personal journey to eat clean began some time ago. To say the least, I have not always understood the importance of eating for nutrition. I ate what I was taught to eat, what I thought tasted good and later on in my life, I ate what I thought to be healthy foods only to find out that some of those foods caused issues in my body. It truly has been a struggle that started when I was 15 years old.

To tell you a little about myself, I am a working wife and mother, married to an amazing husband that always supports my new ideas with food and recipes. I have one son and two step daughters. None of the three are quite into my obsession with food and clean eating. That’s okay. I’ll keep trying. I started a bit late with this new way of eating and there are many habits to break and I am being patient. I only wish I knew what I know now when they were younger.

I grew up in upstate South Carolina and was raised on all the staple foods that you have in that part of the country, Mac and Cheese, Biscuits and Gravy, Banana Pudding and Fried everything!!! We eat fried okra, fried squash, fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, chicken fried steak adn fried fat back. Yes….I said, “Fat Back” and I could go on and on because, the list of unhealthy southern foods are endless. Don’t get me wrong, I love those foods too and ate my fair share. On the other hand, I remember as a kid, amazingly fresh vegetables straight from grandmother’s garden. Fresh fruits were always available. South Carolina peaches are my personal favorite. My mother and grandmother canned fresh tomatoes, pickles and jellies and jams made with REAL food and no preservatives. We had fresh greens, beans, corn and potatoes at every meal.

I had struggled with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since my teens. About 2 years ago I tried to remove gluten from my diet as an experiment to see if I may be gluten intolerant but, couldn’t stick to it. I’m a southern girl, remember? Gluten is in everything we eat. Over the following year my energy levels plummeted and I didn’t want to exercise or do much of anything. I had previously been a runner. I had aches and pains that I never felt before. I thought maybe this is what it means to get older, but I didn’t want to accept that. I knew I needed to do something but, I was not sure what to do. I wanted to lose about 5 pounds but, I was not overweight. So a diet was not what I needed.

Then, on a Saturday morning in March 2012 I stumbled across a website titled Clean Cuisine and More. I read on and on. I was amazed, shocked and excited. That was when I had an “AH HA” moment. I realized as I studied more and more on the topic of clean eating that the foods I had been consuming all these years ARE affecting my health and well-being. Over the weeks that followed I found that I am gluten intolerant and dairy intolerant. All of the doctors told me, “Eat more fiber (example: wheat bread, cereal, bran, etc. all contain gluten.) “Eat yogurt to help your IBS stabilize!” (Dairy)…they were ALL incorrect! My symptoms only increased with the intake of these foods. I learned that all of the fresh foods that I remember from my childhood were moer of what I needed to eat. From that day forward I have made a conscience decision to leave off all preservatives, artificial anything, no more bleached or enriched flours, no HFCS, no white sugars, and no artificial fats. In other words, NO MORE EMPTY CALORIE, NON-NUTRITIONAL FOODS! It has not been easy and it is taking time to figure this out and I am still learning.

Amazingly (or maybe not so amazingly) my IBS went away COMPLETELY after 32 years. I nver had IBS; I was gluten and dairy intolerant all along. My energy levels increased again. I dropped that 5 pounds I had been trying to lose for 6 years and never counted a single fat gram or calorie. My husband, because he eats whatever I cook for him, lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks. There is no way for me to describe to you how much better I feel. Our bodies run on what goes into them and I was putting all the wrong things into mine.

The Clean Cuisine website has been instrumental in helping me make the changes necessary to transition into this new lifestyle. The information on the site is amazing. The research and time Ivy and Andy Larson have put into their articles is evident. Anytime I have a question I turn to the website and I find what I am looking for. I have several of the books and find them to be just as informative. I LOVE Ivy’s e-book, 30 EAT CLEAN DINNERS. I have made many of Ivy’s recipes and they are easy, flavorful and delicious!

My passion now is to pass on to others the importance of nutrient dense foods in our diets. I personally feel our God intended us to eat REAL FOOD as close to its natural state as possible. I am proof it works. I feel so strongly on this topic that I started a group on Facebook last spring where I share recipes, articles, information and quotes. Since that time several friends have encouraged me to start a blgo. I am currently working on that project and I hope to have it online by March 2013. The name of the blog will be, Southern Girl Eats Clean! All of this came about simply by stumbling on the Clean Cuisine website!”

Alisa Rhinehart

Beth Smith:
The biggest difference I notice is that my clothes fit much looser! What really separates this program from all of the other diet programs I’ve tried in the past is the emphasis on healthy eating and nutrition (making our food “count” nutritionally as opposed to “counting our food”). I especially liked the concentrated 30-minute/ 3-day a week exercise program that delivered equal, if not better, results of more lengthy workouts programs. The program also gave me an education and an awareness of the hidden bad and empty calorie ingredients in the packaged foods we routinely eat. I learned to read food labels carefully and I learned how clever marketing claims are intended to fool you into thinking a food is healthy when it’s just junk food in disguise. I did not feel hungry or deprived on the program and I definitely did not feel like I was on a “diet”—the whole foods really do taste great! Overall the program was great. I have learned so much.

Erwin Blonder:
I have lost about 8 pounds and have pulled my belt buckle in one notch. Best of all, I’ve been able to lose weight without feeling hungry. This program is definitely different than other diets I have tried. I believe one reason is its simplicity. I never felt deprived or hungry. I have learned discipline, how to shop for the proper foods and the importance of the right type of exercise. I rate your program as excellent.

Sharon Terzi:
“I’ve definitely noticed my upper arms are considerably more muscular and less flabby. I also feel much firmer in my midsection. The biggest difference I’ve noticed in how I feel after completing the 8-week Lifestyle Makeover Program is my energy levels; I have much more energy now! What makes this program different from all of the other diet and exercise programs I’ve tried in the past is that I feel I can stick to it indefinitely. I never felt hungry on the program and the fact I was still able to have my red wine and small sweet treat a day kept me from feeling deprived. While the exercise was the most challenging part of the program, it made me realize how I can get in better shape in less time by doing short but intense workouts. I now realize how to exercise effectively to increase my metabolism in the shortest amount of time possible.”

Joanne Murphy:
“I am so happy with the results. While my pants did feel loser, I was very surprised at the total inches lost. Also, even though I read a lot and have exercised for years with and without a trainer, I have learned such a tremendous amount about nutrition and exercise with your program. One of the most important things I learned after participating in the 8-week Program was that diets just don’t work in the long run. One of the most enjoyable parts was getting my exercise done in 30 minutes and knowing I got a good workout. I now definitely feel stronger and more fit– for example, I tripped over a stone the other day and did not go flying into a fall like I used to do. I just feel better overall with more energy in the day and I’m sleeping more soundly at night. It really was a very good program and I enjoyed every aspect of it. We all wish you had a video of your exercise program!”

Marty Evans:
“In addition to losing 12 pounds on the program, one of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is that my waist and belly are noticeably smaller. I lost 12 inches from my waist and hips. And, although we didn’t measure my arms and thighs at the beginning of the program I can tell by the way my clothes fit I’ve lost inches there too. Strangely enough, my fingernails are much stronger than they were before too. I’ve always had very thin nails that tear easily – they’re tremendously stronger now. I definitely feel less hungry almost all of the time now. I don’t even think about food like I did before. One of the things that really sets the Fitter, Firmer, Faster program apart from all of the others is that it seems to make the most sense health-wise. Concentrating just on limiting calories, limiting fat, or limiting carbohydrates is much more difficult and isn’t a sustainable way of eating. I know that my diet now is much more balanced. I feel ‘liberated’ from packaged food – including Lean Cuisine. I can easily recognize junk food now, even if it’s packaged as being healthy in some way. Also, I didn’t feel restricted like I normally do on other programs. I would rate the Fitter, Firmer, Faster program very high. I rarely felt hungry, and I had almost no cravings (and I was a sugar addict before I started!) Lowering my body fat percentage by 8% definitely a significant result! I have enjoyed the foods – and knowing that they’re contributing to my health positively makes a big difference. The exercise was most definitely doable. I feel like I’ve only just begun … I know I can become stronger and much more fit without feeling like I’m training for a marathon. Overall, I’ve been very happy with this program, and I know this will be a permanent thing for me.”

Glenda Paunonen:
“Not only have I lost 7 inches from my waist and hips and 10 pounds, but my skin looks more radiant and I have definitely increased muscle tone and firmness! I feel stronger and more energetic and happier that I am taking care of myself. I really loved that the Fitter, Firmer, Faster program emphasized whole natural foods—the food tasted great and it kept me feeling full. Unlike other programs I have been on in the past, I did not feel hungry or deprived on this program. I loved the “Fit Body Plate”; it really helped me create balanced meals that kept me feeling satisfied for hours. This is definitely a plan I will stick to for the long-run; it was easy, fun and enjoyable!”

Susanna Rodriquez:
“I lost 5 pounds without feeling as though I was on a diet at all. The food was without a doubt the most enjoyable part of following the Fitter, Firmer, Faster program. I can’t believe I can eat so much fabulous tasting food and still lose weight without feeling hungry! The “Fit Body Plate” was also such a helpful visual image and balancing the carbohydrates, fats and proteins really helped me stay full and satisfied for hours. Once I started incorporating the diet with the exercise I really started to see dramatic changes. The best part of this program was the overall education it has provided—and it’s not just doable it’s also fun! I no longer have food cravings, I sleep better and I have much more energy and far less stress! I’m also noticeably stronger from the last four weeks doing the exercise sessions. I’m thrilled that in addition to losing pounds I’ve also lost 4 inches from my waist and hips and my legs and thighs are noticeably firmer! Best of all I finally feel I’ve found a healthy plan I can follow for life!”

Gail McCoy:
“Although I admit I was not faithful to the exercise program in the beginning I am so encouraged to see the results after such a few sessions! I not only lost 6 ½ pounds but I have noticeably increased muscle tone and firmness. I look much healthier than I have in years, have so much more energy and I even sleep better at night. Best of all, the Fitter, Firmer, Faster program is really not a diet—there was no need to count calories or limit my portion sizes. I never felt hungry or deprived and the “whole foods” really tasted delicious! In fact, surprisingly, I am now starting to like my new healthier foods better than the junk foods I ate before! I’ve also noticed the food cravings are gone. I practically lived on sweets before I started this program and now I am finding I prefer my new healthy “whole foods”. I don’t see myself ever going back to my old eating habits and I promise to be more faithful with the exercise because I now realize I can reap significant results in such a short amount of time.”

Fay Henclewood-Webster:
“Although I did lose 6 ½ pounds, without even stepping on the scale, the number one difference I’ve noticed in my appearance is a dramatic improvement in body firmness all over. I also decreased my blood pressure from 130/80 to 110/68. One of the things that really sets the Fitter, Firmer, Faster program apart is the fact the Larson’s focus so much on health and not just on weight loss….consequently I’ve felt really great the entire time on the program. Unlike other diets I’ve been on this program does not require going to extreme measures in diet or exercise and yet you still see results! I feel so much more energetic. I never felt deprived and I never felt like I was on a “diet”. The food simply tastes great and definitely does not taste like “diet” food—it actually tastes great! It’s really a terrific program overall. The Fitter, Firmer, Faster program teaches you how to eat right and still enjoy delicious food. It’s definitely something I’m going to stick with for the long-run.”

Belinda Hernandez:
“The biggest difference I’ve noticed on this program is how many inches I’ve lost and how much looser my clothes are….to the point that I had to go shopping to buy smaller sizes! As an added bonus I also feel healthier and much more energetic. One thing that really separates the Fitter, Firmer, Faster program from the others is that it teaches you how to choose healthy foods and how to live a healthy lifestyle with weight loss as a “side-benefit”. I think this approach is going to work best for me in the long-run. I have such a better understanding about nutrition now and I finally feel I know how to identify “junk” foods even if they are disguised as being healthy. Overall I think it’s a great program because it’s one I know I will stick to. I never felt deprived and the food really was very good. The hardest part is sticking to the exercise program but once you commit the results are well worth it. I’m encouraged to continue with the exercise program because I saw such significant improvements in such a short amount of time.”

Yovaira Jimenez:
“I can’t believe how much energy I have now! I also notice I don’t get heartburn or indigestion. I really love the fact I can eat normal amounts of great tasting food without going hungry. The Fitter, Firmer, Faster program is really not a diet at all because you don’t have to count calories or limit the amount of food you eat. I also notice a dramatic decrease in food cravings. I sleep better, I feel better, and the food is delicious! I’ve increased my muscle tone significantly, improved my strength and lost inches all over. Best of all, I didn’t need to go to extremes!”

Leslie P. from Idaho:
I’ve been doing Gold Coast for 14 months. I have MS and it has made a huge difference in my life. I’ve lost 34 pounds and kept it off, I no longer have food based migraine’s, and the fatigue and spasticity have been greatly minimized. I’m even down to taking 1/4th of the muscle relaxers I used to be on. My friend Russ who also has MS recommended it to me. He’s had great results as well. I just wanted to thank you guys for this book. I recommend it to everyone I know!
Marjie Craig:

“The biggest difference in my appearance would be that I look less tired and my family and friends have noticed that I look better, healthier and happier. My nails have become beautiful, strong and long and I’ve even noticed an improvement in my hair. I know that my muscle mass and muscle tone has definitely increased (and overall body volume decreased). In addition to losing 8 pounds, I am thrilled to fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to fit into for such a long time. When I started this program I wasn’t looking for a temporary diet—I wanted a lifestyle program and I believe I have found that in the Fitter, Firmer, Faster Program. I don’t plan to ever go off of it since it really is an enjoyable and doable program! Not only did I lose weight and improve my appearance, I also have more energy and seem to need less sleep (yet I am sleeping more soundly). One of the most amazing things is that (most of the time!) I have lost that incessant craving for sugar. In addition, although I have suffered from acid reflux for a number of years and take medication for it, I am definitely having less of a problem with the reflux. Before, the medication only took the edge off, and now most of the time I forget I have it. Although I don’t have a specifically diagnosed inflammatory disease, I have scoliosis and degenerative disc disorder (multiple herniated disks in multiple places and I get shorter every year from the compaction of my spine) and so I often have severe muscle spasms, neck and back pain and it takes awhile to get through an “episode” – I have definitely had a decrease in recovery time using the Fitter, Firmer, Faster lifestyle program. Therefore, I believe that the anti-inflammatory part of the diet helps me as well.”

Nydia Crescas:
“I definitely notice my body shape is becoming more defined and I have so much more muscle tone. I’ve been working out for a long time now but the Fitter, Firmer, Faster workout program is really showing the most dramatic results in such a very short amount of time. Even though I was limited to doing some of the exercises because of knee problems I was still amazed at how quickly I saw results. The diet portion of this program has altered my lifestyle into a permanent change that I know will last for the rest of my life. I’ve lost pounds on other diets but I know this program is the healthiest. The education I received from our sessions and from the reading material will never be eradicated from my mind—I now find myself teaching other people how to eat healthy! Most importantly, for the first time ever I did not feel as though I was on a diet; the variety of delicious foods we were allowed to eat made the program exciting to follow. My husband and I are really enjoying experimenting with new “whole foods” recipes and having fun together making great food. The Fitter, Firmer, Faster program is the best nutritional answer for healthy living.”

Bette U. Gale:
“On your plan I learned a new approach to food shopping, cooking, and eating as well as a new outlook on how to enjoy life feeling well. By following your three-step plan I not only lost weight and inches, I also decreased my cholesterol, noticed a definite reduction in my arthritis pain, and increased my energy level. In addition, I love the recipes, especially the baked goods and casseroles. My whole family has enjoyed the change to ‘good fats’ and whole foods. Most importantly, I find this is a diet and exercise plan I can actually stick with. I find I become more committed to The Gold Coast Cure with each passing day and I am now proselytizing friends and family.”

Erin Glenn:
“I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and thought I had a pretty good base knowledge on nutrition at this point. Ivy and Andy amazed me with the level of information they shared. Since Ivy and Andy provided the science behind their information, the participants in their “5 Week Shape Up” class were able to understand the “whys” of the program and they were really able to go home and implement what they learned, motivated by their new-found knowledge. The program is easy to follow and you start feeling better almost immediately. I have always been an exercise enthusiast but had never really reaped the rewards of diet. With The Gold Coast Cure I am finding that my body composition is steadily changing for the better and I am not experiencing the fluctuations in body fat I usually experience if I fall behind on my exercise sessions. I can confidently say I have made a lifestyle change and am grateful Ivy and Andy shared their program with me and, now, my family. They have given us a wonderful gift..our health!”

Dick Muise:
“The plan is well thought out. The principles and approach are founded in good science and common sense. The plan also offers the needed flexibility for it to succeed in real-life application. Well done.”

Madeline Muise:
“I was unexpectedly pleased with the plan. I gained weight from being on steroids for asthma for many years and from having a sedentary job. I have tried many diets over the past 40 years and usually found it impossible to stay on anything for more than three weeks. I decided to stay off the scale so I am not sure how much weight I have lost but in only five weeks my clothes are already much looser and I feel terrific. Best of all, this is a plan I know I can live with. I finally feel hopeful! Thank you for your hard work. Your enthusiasm is catching, you walk the talk. You are both a delight.”

Jody Marsh:
“I am a personal trainer who has learned a great deal about nutrition from your class. Your plan has taught me that it is ok to eat fat, the ‘good’ kind, and that I do not have to exercise so intensely everyday to control my weight. I absolutely love the diet and the recipes were delicious and easy to follow. Thank you.”

Lise Howard:
“I loved the ‘5-week shape up.’ Your personalities made a sometimes dry content enjoyable and entertaining. Your class has taught me a tremendous amount about how foods can positively or adversely affect your health. Not only did I lose weight and inches by adopting your lifestyle recommendations, I also noticed a great improvement in my energy levels on a day to day basis. My entire family is on the plan and we all love it. Your recipes are wonderful and the food is delicious. We all feel confident we have finally found a healthy diet, exercise, and vitamin plan we can stick to for life. I enjoyed meeting both of you.”

Regina Gauespohl:
“In the early summer of 2002, I developed a sudden onset of osteoarthritis as confirmed by two reputable rheumatologists. It first involved my right shoulder, then left hip, left knee, right knee, right hip, and then my right ankle. I had always led an active lifestyle; I loved to go for hour walks and play tennis and I was very busy professionally as the director of a cardiac rehab program. However, my life soon came to a screeching halt. One filled with pain, swollen joints, and impaired mobility.

I all of a sudden couldn’t bend down to pick up things from the floor, going up and down stairs was compromised as I had to move gingerly and with caution, all of which impacted my emotional well-being. I became saddened and disheartened. The doctors seemed to think, well you have arthritis no big deal, yet to me it had a tremendous impact on my life. I am sure anyone with arthritis knows what I am talking about. The fear of not being able to play tennis, go for a power walk or just run with my dog made me realize the true gift of mobility. So, for a year I did everything the doctors said including low or no impact exercise, anti-inflammatory medications along with glucosamine and as a last resort a cortisone injection into one of my knees. All of which had little impact on my pain and mobility issues. Fast forward to August of 2003…I get a call from my sister who has been in the fitness field for over 25 years, and she says ‘I want you to come and be a part of a case study.’ She said it was a special program that was addressing dietary habits, exercise and supplementation and that it was going to be given by a doctor and his wife. The claim was what we eat, and lack of supplementation and exercise can lead to chronic diseases. I had nothing to lose and only something to gain, but I went with no real expectations.

Prior to starting the program we all had initial data collected such as weight, waist to hip measurement, along with labs done. Now remember, I was going for arthritis, well my labs demonstrated I also had a problem with my lipid profile. My total cholesterol was 259 and my LDL was 179!!! Not believing the labs I had them rechecked at my own hospital. The results were the same! Well, by participating in the Larsons’ program and adopting healthier eating habits, adding specific supplements, and incorporating resistance circuit training exercise my pain and mobility improved 80 percent. Within 5 weeks my lipid profile had improved significantly, my total cholesterol dropped to 169 and my LDL went to 113. What I had learned, was the correlation between choices in food and lack of supplementation and its impact on my arthritis.

Ivy and Andy have given me back my mobility and I will never take it for granted again. They have also helped me in reducing my own risk factors for heart disease. And who knows what else! I believe in their program so strongly that I had them come and talk to my cardiac rehabilitation patients and their families so that they too would have the knowledge they need to lead healthier lifestyles. My patients have gained an incredible amount of sound knowledge that is scientifically based and results driven. We all say thank you to both Ivy and Andy and their true concern for the well being of all people.”

Erin Torren:
“Working as a nurse on a cardiopulmonary unit, I see the effects of poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle on a daily basis. I care for patients with type II diabetes, coronary artery disease, and sleep apnea secondary to morbid obesity. Unfortunately we live in a culture that relies heavily on fast food, foods high in saturated fat and trans fats, and prepackaged foods with little to no nutritional value. And as mentioned, I see the negative effects of poor lifestyle habits on a daily basis.

It is sad that most of my patients think healthy eating means zero fat, zero carbohydrates, or other diet extremes we all see advertised. When I was introduced to The Gold Coast Cure I couldn’t believe how delicious healthy eating could be. The plan is a well balanced, delicious, and extremely satisfying nutrition plan that can be implemented by anyone. I can still enjoy many of the recipes that I grew up with by switching from refined or processed ingredients (such as margarine and refined vegetable oil) to healthier, better tasting, all-natural ingredients. And, because my entire family enjoys the food, I find it much easier to stick to the program. By following this program I have been able to lose all of my pregnancy weight and keep the weight off without a problem.”

William G. Thomson:
“When I started your plan I weighed 265 pounds and my blood pressure was high. As you know, I have lost 73 pounds and I am happy to report that my blood pressure is now normal with no medication. It is great to be back at my high school weight of 192 and I feel wonderful with no loss of energy. I take no medication now for anything at all, which is great. At 50 years old, your plan has made me feel like I am 20 again. My primary care doctor is now ready to start the plan after he has seen what it has done for me. Thank you both.”

Karen Kantor:
“Your plan has taught me a healthy way to eat and exercise for the long term. This is a plan that I feel I can realistically stick with for life; the food is delicious and I do not feel deprived. As someone who cooks and entertains frequently, I have been preparing the recipes for friends and relatives and everyone absolutely loves the food. The Gold Coast Cure is the only diet I have ever been on where I cook my “diet” food for my guests!”

Anya Purcell:
“The Gold Coast Cure has been such a wonderful program. I felt as though there were some pounds I needed to take off and I needed to learn how to eat healthy. Your program was my answer. I am a young professional who tried to be health conscious in the past but did not know where to turn for sound advice. Your program gave me the guidelines I needed. On your program I have been able to lose weight without ever going hungry, without having to count calories, and while still being able to enjoy great tasting food. Thank you Gold Coast Cure!”

Joan Kugelman:
“Your program has taught me which foods to eat and why. I never understood why to eat a balanced diet and I never knew what the bad fats did to harm your health. Now that I do know, I cannot in good conscience eat badly anymore. The knowledge itself is motivating. The information you have presented is compelling and absolutely convincing. I really will never look at food the same way again. Your plan has opened my eyes to a superior way of eating that is actually both nourishing and delicious. Is this a plan I will stick to long-term? Absolutely! I now feel too well to go back to my old habits!”

Ashley Jae Chester:
“I always considered myself to be in excellent health until I began The Gold Coast Cure. After three months on the Cure I have never looked or felt better. I have such an abundance of energy and everyone is asking me what changes I have made in my life. After trying The Gold Coast Cure I have spread my new health knowledge to countless friends, family members, and loved ones. I feel confident I am finally living the healthiest lifestyle possible. I know that I am on a plan that not only allows me to look my best and stay a fit size two, but also helps protect me from future health complications.”

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