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A Clean Cuisine Anti-Aging Diet Testimonial

Want to know the number one most important secret to turning back the clock? It has absolutely nothing to do with skin creams, laser technology, surgical procedures, spa makeovers or anything risky, pricey or painful. What is it then?

The Best Anti-Aging Diet Secret

It all boils down to the food you eat. Did you know that on average you renew about 1 percent of the cells in your body daily? Those new cells come in either stronger and younger or older and weaker. Your lifestyle and dietary habits play a tremendous role in cell regeneration, for better or worse. So yes, you are what you eat! Following an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging diet will dramatically slow the aging process on both the outside and inside of your body.

If you have read our book, Clean Cuisine, you know all about the detailed 8-week anti-inflammatory and anti-aging diet program we recommend. Although the 472-page Clean Cuisine book is filled to the brim with research, scientific explanations and all sorts of studies referenced back to medical journals showing how important food is to slowing the aging process, it is still always nice to read about a real-life person who says the program actually works!  We want to extend a special thank you to Elizabeth Thomson for sharing her Clean Cuisine anti-aging diet testimonial and anti-aging tips.

Elizabeth proves over fifty is fabulous…

Another Clean Cuisine Anti-Aging Diet Testimonial:

Interview with Elizabeth Thomson


CLEAN CUISINE: Elizabeth, because you are Ivy’s cousin we know firsthand you embraced the Clean Cuisine program years ago, long before the book was published. Could this be one of your “secrets” to looking so fabulous at the age of 51?

ELIZABETH: I definitely attribute my good health to maintaining a Clean Cuisine “whole foods” anti-inflammatory diet. The fact that people compliment me on how young I look for my age is just a side benefit. My motivation has always been to take responsibility for maintaining good health, as much as is within my power, by making smart food choices. Eating right has always made sense to me to promote good health as well as to help prevent health issues in the future. I believe if I didn’t take responsibility with what I put into my body I would be contributing to health issues down the road. The Clean Cuisine program made sense and tasted good and gave me the rationale and understanding of what to eat and why. Now I’m hooked. I’ve been eating this way consistently for the past 6 years and no longer have food cravings or weight concerns. It just simply works!

CLEAN CUISINE: You lead a very busy lifestyle and also work outside of your home. We know the morning rush to get out the door can be a hectic time for everyone. How do you start your mornings each day?

ELIZABETH: I start the day right with a hemp seed /flax seed smoothie using a regular blender. I use almond milk and frozen banana and pineapple. Sometimes I go green and mix it up without the pineapple but instead use spinach, avocado, lime juice, vanilla, and almond milk. It only takes me 5 minutes.

CLEAN CUISINE: Please describe why you abandoned “juicing”.

ELIZABETH: I agree with Ivy’s take on juicing.  My experience has proved that maintaining the fiber by consuming the whole food is the best way to go. It’s the fiber that keeps me feeling full longer. I now avoid the excessive sugar that comes with extracting the juice from the pulp of the beets or carrots. Instead I just grate the veggies and add them to my salads.

CLEAN CUISINE:  How do you maintain your great figure?

ELIZABETH: I don’t diet and I don’t even own a scale. I go by how I feel in terms of energy and how my clothes fit. I like to think I eat right and the rest takes care of itself. Since being on the Clean Cuisine diet I now crave wholesome, good food and don’t even remotely feel tempted by junk. I don’t even worry about portion control. I find I naturally eat reasonable quantities because what I eat tastes and feels satisfying. One thing I make a priority is to shop right and have the proper foods on hand. I did Ivy’s “Kitchen Shape Up” and that is key to maintaining discipline and not getting too hungry and lacking the proper foods on hand. My Mom even commented that I never have any junk food in my home. She’s right!

CLEAN CUISINE: You’ve tried various gym memberships over the years but now you have given them up. Why?

ELIZABETH: Once I finish work I like going home without having another place to rush off to. Exercising at home just works best for me. I like to go home to eat as well. I try to keep a regular eating schedule and prefer not to eat out too much. I have more control of my food choices at home, plus eating regularly aids in keeping my energy up and eliminates cravings. I do use Ivy’s exercise videos, The Gold Coast Cure and Full Fitness Fusion, because I need a plan and guide when it comes to exercising. The DVD’s Ivy created fit my lifestyle and ability. I walk quite a bit at work so that helps, plus I’m an active gardener. Outside these activities and using Ivy’s DVDs, that’s about it.

CLEAN CUISINE : Do you feel that the Clean Cuisine lifestyle changes have made a difference in how you age, look and feel as compared to ten years ago?

ELIZABETH: No question! How? Before starting Clean Cuisine I would eat foods that made me too bloated and gave me what I call a “puffy” look. I’ve never been fat per say but I don’t have issues with bloating and water retention any more. I just feel full and satisfied… never stuffed!

CLEAN CUISINE: What changes have you made that you feel have had the most impact on your overall health?

ELIZABETH: Sticking to the Clean Cuisine plan initially was done out of discipline, now I do it out of desire. That’s a huge distinction and that’s what makes it second nature. It’s not hard once you get hooked and feel and see the payoff.

CLEAN CUISINE: Is there anything else you would like to share with Clean Cuisine?

ELIZABETH: You are worth it!! Your good health is worth it. Start by making small changes every week. There is no way to lose with this program. Excess weight and bad eating habits are all you have to lose. That’s a win/win in my book!

CLEAN CUISINE: Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for inspiring us with your commitment to living a healthy and clean and beautiful lifestyle.


Ivy Larson

In 2010, Clean Cuisine was launched because Ivy Larson wanted to share her anti-inflammatory lifestyle and delicious recipes using ingredients in their most natural and nutrient-rich state. In 2020, Ivy passed the website to Aimee and Madison. Since then, they have been adding new recipes and nutrition posts while updating old recipes and articles. Thanks for visiting Clean Cuisine!

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