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Superfood Rich Smoothie eBook Resources

Superfood Rich Smoothies eBook

We put our very best anti-inflammatory, superfood smoothies in this eBook to help fuel your day. Scroll down to find resources for this eBook.

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Resources Guide for the eBook!

Recommended Kitchen Equipment

These are our favorite items in the kitchen for making smoothies. Let us know if you have any questions!

Premium High-speed Blender – Luvele Vibe

Yogurt Maker – Luvele’s Pure Yogurt Maker

Liquid Measuring Cups – Pyrex 3-piece

Dry Ingredient Measuring Cups + Spoons – New StarLucky Plus

Recommended Ingredient Brands

The quality of your ingredients really matters. In order to assure purity and optimal nutrition, we’ve compiled our most loved, and trusted brands below!

Coconut Products

Organic Coconut Cream– Nature’s Greatest Foods

Organic Coconut Milk – Nature’s Greatest Foods

Organic Coconut Water – Nature’s Greatest Foods


Organic Orange Juice – Uncle Matt’s

Organic Lime Juice – Santa Cruz

Superfoods & Adaptogens

Ground Flaxseed Meal – Spectrum Essentials

Organic Raw Cacao Powder – Terrasoul Superfoods

AshwagandhaFeel Good Organics


Organic Raw Cacao Powder – Terrasoul Superfoods

Cacao Nibs –Snap & Giggle

Organic Paleo Chocolate Chips – HU

Organic Fruits and Veggies

Organic Frozen Cherries – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Frozen Mango – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Frozen Strawberries – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Frozen Wild Blueberries – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Frozen Pineapple – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Bananas – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Apples – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Grapefruit – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Ginger Root – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Lime – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Kale – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Parsley – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Romaine – Whole Foods Prime

Organic Red Leaf – Whole Foods Prime


Organic Pure Maple Syrup – 365 Everyday ValueCrown

Organic Raw Honey – Nature Nate’s


Pure Vanilla Extract – Simply Organic

Dried Fruit

Organic Medjool Dates – Terrasoul Superfoods


Organic Cinnamon – NatureVibe

Organic Nutmeg – NatureVibe

Organic Turmeric Powder – Feel Good Organics

Organic Ginger Powder – Anthony’s


Vanilla Protein Powder – Equip

Collagen Powder – Great Lakes

Nut Butters

Organic Natural Peanut Butter – Spread the Love

Organic Almond Butter – Truly Raw

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