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Clean Cuisine Superfood Cookbook

Superfood CookbookClean Cuisine Superfood Cookbook

The Clean Cuisine Superfood Cookbook is a healthy fast food alternative and the ultimate anti inflammatory diet for clean eating recipes! Offered at just $2.99, our digital Clean Cuisine cookbook is the answer to eating super-healthy without spending all day in the kitchen. The book offers forty original smoothie, green drink and other superfood recipes (including guilt-free desserts!) that can all be made in a blender, in a hurry. From soups to sauces, spreads and more, every recipe is plant-based and filled to the brim with nutrients, anti-aging antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.

Clean Eating Recipes and Healthy Living

Clean Cuisine is a life-enhancement company that embodies the nutritional, health, and wellness sensibilities of its founders, Ivy Larson and Dr. Andy Larson, M.D. With a focus on eating and living an anti inflammatory lifestyle, the foundation of Clean Cuisine is food in its most natural and nutrient-dense state, with a heavy emphasis on plant-based ingredients.

A Clean Cuisine Anti Inflammatory Diet

Purchase the Clean Cuisine Superfood Cookbook NOW by clicking on the cover photo for just $2.99!

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