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Clean Eating Challenge


Our 8 Week Clean Eating Challenge will transition you to
a clean eating lifestyle that’s completely doable.

What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is a diet based on anti-inflammatory foods in their most natural and nutrient-rich state. This means choosing whole foods that are unadulterated… just the way nature intended. Most importantly, a clean eating diet should also be low stress.

Individuals with gut discomfort, unexplained weight gain, hormone imbalances, difficultly retaining vitamin or nutrient levels are perfect candidates for this challenge. In addition, those individuals experiencing a lot of inflammation due to autoimmune disease, arthritis or other inflammatory responses will also benefit.

What is the 8 Week Clean Eating Challenge?

The 8 Week Clean Eating Challenge is designed to transition you to a clean eating, anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Plus, it is completely doable. The Clean Eating Challenge is specifically designed for individuals who are looking for a permanent healthy lifestyle solution.

During the 56 day Challenge, you will be given new information every day that builds upon a weekly topic. Each day will help you make gradual and lasting changes to your lifestyle.

What Happens When You Eat Clean?

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Improve Gut Health
  • Improve Energy
  • Optimize Nutrition
  • Clear Brain Fog
  • Reduce Heart Disease Risk
  • Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Soothe Arthritic Joints


8 Week Clean Eating Challenge

Our 8 Week Clean Eating Challenge is full of helpful eBooks, downloads, menu planners and so much more. Here are just a few of the item we include over the course of 56 days:

  • 8 Weekly Focused Topics
  • Weekly Resource Guides
  • Meal Planner Download
  • 100’s of Clean Recipes
  • Kitchen Tool Suggestions
  • Kitchen CleanUp eBook
  • Breakfast Planner eBook
  • Lunch Planner eBook
  • Dinner Planner eBook

Kitchen Clean Up eBook

A Well-Stocked Kitchen is Critical to a Clean Eating Lifestyle.

Once you purchase our 8-Week Challenge, we immediately send you a link to our Kitchen Clean-Up and Ingredient Resource Guide.

Once you download a copy of the Kitchen Clean Up, you will gain instant access to our pantry resources, the best brands for replacing your kitchen with good, quality oils, spices, condiments, packaged ingredients and more.

Meal Planner eBooks

Healthy, Delicious + Easy Recipes for Clean Eating Menu Planning

Use our Meal Planner eBooks to help organize your menu each week. Loaded with healthy recipes, meal ideas and lots of quick kitchen tips to make meal planning and making easier!

clean cuisine breakfast planner

clean cuisine dinner planner
Smoothie Ebook

Perfect Smoothie Recipes

Along with Anti-Inflammatory Supplements, this Perfect Smoothie eBook will help you
create perfect daily smoothies for years to come.

Reduce your inflammation by joining our next 8 Week Clean Eating Challenge!

Join our 8 Week Clean Eating Challenge!

A Look Inside – 8 Week Clean Eating Challenge

This is what to expect over the next 8 weeks of learning to eat whole, healthy foods. We start with 4 days of preparation followed by 8 main weekly topics, mini weekly challenges and lots of scientific information!

Getting Started

During the first few days, we will provide you with the tools you need to be successful during the 8 Week Challenge.

  • Kitchen Clean Up eBook
  • All Meal Planner Downloads
  • How to “Cook Once Eat Twice”
  • Intro to Daily Smoothies

Week 1 | Day 5 – 11

We share about the benefits of phytonutrients, how to add more into your diet, and help you transition into healthy breakfasts and lunches!

  • Weekly Focus: Phytonutrients
  • How to Add in a Daily Smoothie
  • Transitioning to Healthy Breakfasts
  • Transitioning to Healthy Dinners

Week 2 | Day 12-18

We discuss the benefits of whole grains and how to swap refined grains for whole grains. We also teach you our top tips for choosing healthier snacks, and add in more greens!

  • Weekly Focus: Whole Grains
  • How to Swap Refined Grains for Whole Grains
  • Choosing Healthier Snacks
  • Adding in More Greens

Week 3 | Day 19-25

Our focus is to teach you how to choose healthy cooking oils, boosting omega-3 intake, and choosing healthy dinners!

  • Weekly Focus: Cooking with Unrefined Oils
  • Make Healthy Oil + Fat Swaps
  • Boosting Omega-3’s
  • Choosing Healthy Dinners

Week 4 | Day 26-32

We discuss dairy, refined sugar and the benefits of supporting a healthy gut using natural, whole foods.

  • Weekly Focus: Dairy + Sugar Alternatives
  • Make Dairy Swaps
  • Make Refined Sugar Swaps
ice cream

Week 5 | Day 33-39

Our focus is to help you learn how to choose healthy meats + fish, and how to add more plant protein in!

  • Weekly Focus: Learn how to Choose Healthier Meats
  • Learn How Much Protein your Body Needs
  • Swap Out some Meat for Plant Protein

Week 6 | Day 40-46

We discuss prebiotics and probiotics, and teach you the best way to incorporate these!

  • Weekly Focus: Prebiotics and Probiotics
  • Learn how to Incorporate Prebiotics and Probiotics Daily
  • Prioritize Prebiotic-Foods

Week 7 | Day 47-53

Our focus is to help you add in more anti-inflammatory and detoxifying foods.

  • Weekly Focus: Anti-Inflammatory Foods + Natural Detoxification
  • Add in More Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  • Prioritize Detoxifying Foods

Week 8 | Day 54-60

To wrap up the challenge, we take a step back from food to help you balance the other parts of your life!

  • Weekly Focus: Creating a Balance
  • Clean up Your Cookware
  • Prioritize Toxin-Free Cleaning Supplies
  • Consciously Reduce Stress

Our Next 8 Week Challenge Begins January 24th


The 8 Week Clean Eating Challenge is based on the Clean Cuisine 8 Week Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Program published in 2013. Since then, thousands of people have taken the challenge to drastically improved their health and lives. In 2020, Madison and Aimee re-designed the Clean Eating Challenge using the original tried and true methods to teach clean eating in healthy, low stress way.

madison suttles

Madison Suttles | Creator

“Within just a month of switching to a clean diet, I felt better than I had in my entire life. Clean eating has enabled me to live the last 3 years in remission from my IBD and has given me back my freedom and life. I am so glad I made the transition.”

aimee harris niedosik

Aimee Harris Niedosik | Creator

“Within 3 days of adopting a 100% anti-inflammatory diet, my entire life changed. Within a few months, all of my Autoimmune symptoms I had suffered with for 10 years went away and my gut finally got in balance. I am a happier, healthier version of my old self.”

8 Week Challenge FAQ

What is Clean Cuisine?

Clean Cuisine is an anti-inflammatory program that focuses on eating “whole” foods in their most natural and nutrient-rich state. Our nutrition program places a heavy emphasis on plant-based nutrition and is particularly rich in anti-aging and disease-fighting phytonutrients and antioxidants. Overall, it is a comprehensive physician-designed lifestyle solution developed to combat the two factors that contribute to disease and obesity: malnutrition and inflammation.

Who Will Benefit from taking the Clean Cuisine Challenge?

Anyone who is looking for a permanent lifestyle solution that will improve their health, energy and appearance should sign up for the Clean Cuisine 8-Week Challenge.

The Challenge will dramatically reduce systemic inflammation and is perfect for anyone with an active inflammatory condition (MS, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, etc.)

And, although the Challenge was not specifically created as a weight loss program, the number one “side benefit” of reducing inflammation is hunger-free weight loss.

Can the Entire Family do the Clean Cuisine Challenge Together?

Absolutely! Clean Cuisine is a safe and healthy program the entire family, including kids, can follow together.

How is Clean Cuisine Different from Other Diets?

Clean Cuisine is not a “diet” but rather a lifestyle program and a way of living. You will not be required to weigh or “count your food” in the form of calories, carbs, fat grams, points, etc. Instead, Clean Cuisine shifts the focus towards making your food count nutritionally. You learn to eat in an intuitive way that fuels your body with the nutrients it needs and craves. But you also learn a completely new way of eating that places heavy emphasis on flavor-forward cuisine.

15+ years of Modern Nutrition Science

If you were to walk into our house you would find as many medical journals as you would gourmet cookbooks and magazines. On our bedsides we have copies of the Journal of the American Medical Association right alongside Food & Wine magazine. We have worked for over fifteen years to blend the best of modern nutrition science with the best of the food world and we don’t just want to extend our lives…we want to enjoy our lives too!

Is Clean Cuisine 100% organic?

No. Not because eating 100% organic wouldn’t be utopia, but it’s just not realistic.

Instead, we strongly encourage people to know as much about their food as they possibly can. Where did it come from? How is it packaged? How is it grown?

Choosing Healthy Meats

If you eat beef you want to know exactly what the cow ate and the conditions in which the cow was raised. For canned beans you want to know whether they are packaged in a can that contains BPA. If you eat salmon you want to know what waters the salmon swam in and what food the salmon ate. All of these things matter. Once you learn where your food comes from you’ll be able to make educated decisions on what you eat and when it is important to go the extra organic mile.

Selecting Lower Foods on the Food Chain

Also, it is important in general to know that because animal foods are highest on the food chain they will contain more toxins than what are found in plant foods. The higher up on the food chain you go the more environmental toxins accumulate. It is absolutely worth the extra money to spend organic on any animal foods you eat. But, since Clean Cuisine is a reduced animal-food way of eating doing this is not as costly as you might think.

And of course we always encourage people to be aware of the Environmental Working Group’s “clean fifteen” and “dirty dozen” produce.

Is Clean Cuisine Vegan?

Clean Cuisine is not a vegan program but it can very easily be modified to be so for individuals who do not eat animal foods.

How is Clean Cuisine book different than your typical clean eating / whole foods diet?

We shift the focus away from deprivation and introduce a whole new world of cuisine that combines flavor with superior nutrition. It’s a totally different mindset. Instead of saying, “Oh, I can only eat XX amount of carbs or XX number of fat grams,” we want people to say to themselves, “How can I get more fruits and vegetables into my diet? How can I make sure I am getting enough omega-3 fats? Did I eat enough phytonutrients and antioxidants today?” There is no shortage of food on Clean Cuisine!

Don’t Count Your Food

Instead of encouraging people to “count their food” in the form of calories, carbs, fat grams, etc., we want people to learn how to make their food choices count nutritionally. And then we show them how to make their food taste amazing. Tasty food is a very important component of Clean Cuisine!

If you don’t focus on calories, carbs and fat grams, then what is the primarily focus?

We focus on nutrients! The best way to get the most nutrition is to eat predominantly plant-based foods in their most natural and unrefined “whole” state.

Choosing Whole Foods

This means we want you to go for corn instead of corn flakes or steel cut oats instead of a granola bar that is “made with oats”. We’d rather you eat apples—with their skins on!!—instead of store-bought applesauce. We’d rather you eat “whole” orange juice made with peeled whole oranges rather than commercial pasteurized orange juice. We’d even prefer you eat “whole” olives or “whole” flaxseeds over olive oil or flax oil. The “whole” food is always, always going to have more nutrients per calorie.

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