Whipped Coconut Cream Recipe

whipped coconut cream recipe

A quick and easy, three ingredient recipe, this Whipped Coconut Cream Recipe is a staple in our house, especially for the holiday season.


  • 2 cups of coconut cream, save remaining liquid for thinning this recipe if needed + additional recipes, *see notes
  • 1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Optional: 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup, based upon sweetness preference (can swap for honey for SCD)


  1. Begin by refrigerating coconut cream in original container overnight.
  2. Freeze metal mixing bowl and whisks for electric mixer for 3+ hours prior to beginning the recipe.
  3. Once coconut cream is refrigerated, remove from fridge and scoop out 2 cups of thick and creamy coconut cream layer into frozen mixing bowl.
  4. Add vanilla extract, and optional maple syrup.
  5. Whisk on high speed until stiff peaks are formed (normally 3-5 minutes). (If coconut cream is too thick for your preference, add in 1 tablespoon at a time of the liquid from the coconut cream can or carton until desired texture is desired).
  6. Enjoy immediately! **See notes


*Coconut cream is the thick and creamy layer on top of the coconut cream can or carton after being refrigerated overnight. 2 cups is equivalent to approximately 1, 33.8 ounce Aroy’d Coconut Cream Carton. For smaller canned coconut cream, you will likely need 2-3 cans, depending on the brand.

**Coconut Whipped Cream does not store well in the fridge, as it will harden if left in cold temperatures for an extended period of time.

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