Dairy Free Cheese Board

Dairy Free Cheese Board using the best Nut-Based Dairy Free Cheese brands and my favorite appetizer bites: grapes, figs, crackers.


  1. Pick one to three dairy free cheese brands. For my cheese board I went with a Miyokos Kitchen brand  cheese wheel — Ideally you would serve at least two cheese options. Be sure to check out the different cheese options available by Tree Line, and Dr. Cow  too!
  2. Add some spiced nuts. I made my Savory and Sweet Spiced Nuts Recipe to bring to Dawn’s house, but my old standby Candied Pecans (made without refined sugar!) would also be good. Of course if you don’t want to go to the trouble of making spiced nuts you could always just quickly roast some nuts (a lot of recipes for roasted nuts call for butter, but I would just use extra virgin coconut oil instead.) 
  3. Add some grapes. You have to have grapes on a cheese board!
  4. Pick a healthy cracker. HU is a great brand for this!
  5. Add olives. I always buy fresh olives from the deli section of my supermarket.
  6. Add some dried fruit (optional) Dried apricots and figs are especially good on cheese boards.


Place all items on an oversized serving platter or tray. Enjoy.